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    My name is Elias Luukkanen. I have been making music since I was 9-years-old, and over the years music has became my passion. At 2013 I began to paticipate projects as a composer and sharing my original music in places like SoundCloud and YouTube. Now years later I have made it my business working as a freelance composer for variety of projects.

    I love making music as song creation is to me a way of life; learning, studying and experimenting has taught me not only to appreciate all music in the world, but that music as a language of emotion is what unites us.
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  1. Let's remake Sly Cooper 1 OST and Stealthy Approach. Time to go back to Sly 1 and remaster its soundtrack to full glory. This time a favorite track Sly Cooper and the Thievious Raccoonus, Stealthy Approach. Sly Cooper games stand out as mascot platforms, focusing on stealth and thieving challenges, having original three games back in PS2 era. Sly cooper Thieves in Time continued the tradition, but the original Thievious Raccoonus (Sly 1) was very unique case in beginning of this franchise. Sly Cooper OST was in Sly 2 and Sly 3 composed by Peter McConnell but the first one was made by not that well-known composer Ashif Hakik. While his soundtrack has sadly only few melodies I adore, Stealthy Approach is one I do remember, as it was in one of the first levels of the game.
  2. Moomin Music remastered and remixed with best quality instruments! Join to Moominvalley with this likable theme from Moomin TV show! A brand new remastered Moomin music (muumimusiikkia in Finnish) by eluukkanen. Moomin TV series had great classic short song that did fit excellently in moments of character drama. Moomin Music by Sumio Shiratori was really effective. Characters like Moomin Troll, Little My, Snufkin and others had many themes playing while the anime was going forward. This made the Moomin OST with a lot of variety in music. Muumilaakson tarinoita (Finnish name) was and still is really popular in Finland. Moomins in Finland are even getting a new TV series by Gutsy animation, called MOOMINVALLEY (2019).
  3. Trash Mountain Day theme remastered from Digimon World OST! Welcome back to Digimon World's dark side on a city made on dumpster - Trash Mountain!
  4. Tropical Jungle remastered night music from Digimon World 1! Remastered with high-quality bells and atmospheric jungle drums!
  5. Remastered Mardek Theme used in Mardek series (Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3). With full upgraded orchestra making songs of Tobias Cornwall even better. Here is a brand new Mardek theme remake fully made with high-quality orchestral instruments. Mardek theme is very first track you hear in Mardek ost. This theme is full of nostalgia and for that very reason alone it was a pleasure to make this Mardek remix. I discovered this series as a flash game from Kongregate 10 years ago and it has stayed on my mind ever since. Music for rpg flash games are usually dull, but with mardek, this rpg music took inspiration from music styles of Final Fantasy, for its benefit.
  6. Remastered Moomin music from 1990s japanese Moomin TV series by Sumio Shiratori. Moomin song remade completely, still honoring nostalgic tunes of old Moomin TV series. In this remastered OST series we remake and remix a lot of songs from old games and nostalgic shows. Moomin music is no different. Moomin is known in Finland as "Muumilaakson Tarinoita", as it's based on children's fantasy novels by Tove Jansson. Series is based in a place called Moomin Valley, where characters such as Moomin Troll, Moominmamma, Moominpappa, Snufkin, Little My, Sniff and Snork Maiden reside, and have adventures from Moomin Valley to distant Lonely Mountains. While Moomin is not that well known in Enlish-speaking countries, it is enjoyed by many in Japan and Finland due to its charming, yet adventurous world.
  7. Moomin music remastered from Moomin Soundtrack! This fairly unknown piece is called Moominmamma's Garden from Moomin TV soundtrack by Sumio Shiratori, composer behind moomin Music. Moomin series from 1990 has been very influencial for me in my childhood. While people in USA had their Spongebobs, Moomin was something I watched from very early age and grew to love it's world over the years. There is somewhat child-like simplicity in its adventurous and yet comfy world. Some franchises such as Seacret of Mana got inspired this world feel from Moomin. Tove Jansson created memorable places and characters. Sumio Shiratori made the moomin music sound perfectly fitting for this world. Moomin OST was great.
  8. Sly Cooper music remake from groud-up! Hear sneaky Sly soundtrack with remastered sounds and instruments! Take your Thevious Raccoonus and begin listening to remix Sly Cooper OST!
  9. Remastered music from MARDEK 1 OST! Let's listen to Dungeon I song from Mardek sountrack and get into this flash classic game music made by Tobias Cornwall! Mardek as a game series is still on people's minds and for me a s a Finnish Composer, music from his soundtrack still live on and I listen them time to time. I wanted to make mardek remake from classic midi songs made by Tobias Cornwall with brand new instruments, and one of those being dungeon 1 theme. It plays first time when going to sewers under a village your journey starts from. This dungeon theme is used many times after that. It is very mysterious with harp and strings, and grows as piano melody comes along and builds up a perfect dungeon atmosphere.
  10. Thank you djRyoji, I have been doing this for quite a long time. I am happy you found some of my works enjoyable! Looking forward to see what sort of covers you are going to make. I always want to connect with fellow music creators. If you want to connect with a group I'm building with music creators, animators and other creators, go and check our discord. Its still in development, but growing every week: http://bit.ly/eludiscord
  11. A READY REMASTERED MUSIC SERIES! Over 1 h of music! 1 hour of spyro music remastered from spyro ost from remastered Spyro Remastered soundtrack, celebrating upcoming spyro reimagined trilogy. Spyro music extended to a video from remastered music work.
  12. Remastered Firework Factory Music to celebrate soon-to-be released Spyro Reignited Trilogy! Firework Factory has always been an unique case when looking at the music in Spyro OST. At the same time its a Spyro song but at the same time it feels like middle of evolution towards Ratchet and Clank music. The level itself with Chinese influences (of course being from a game named as Year of the Dragon) makes it to stand out, but it also is very captivating for having even more action than a standard Stewart Copeland song. Ryan Beveridge's music style mixes well together with Copelands bass and organ lines. I always imagined music for an asian action flick where ninjas come all around towards Spyro and Sparx and they need to fight their way to the end, and that is why I wanted to give it even more action elements apart from the spyro 3 original soundtrack.
  13. Music For Matoya's Cave in Final Fantasy 1, fully remastered! Let's go back to 1987 when Squaresoft (later Square Enix) made Final Fantasy, and let me tell you that Nobuo Uematsu has made some very memorable melodies for many Final Fantasy entries, but music for Final Fantasy 1 soundtrack is truly classic as melodies stand up even after almost 40 years! This cave theme from FF1 OST is very close to my heart as while its very short game song, it has very catchy tune ready to be implemented to violins, kalmimba, organic percussive instruments which make you feel to be inside a cave!
  14. Spyro Desert Level Scorch Remastered and Remixed inspired by upcomign reignited trilogy! Scorch in Spyro 2 Ripto's rage has left a mark, as it was a middle-east inspired level with unique NPC's and fund background music from the Spyro OST. Song is built on flute melody in the beginning, which turns into organ and bass movement later on.
  15. Ogremon’s theme remastered from Digimon World 1! This song from Digimon world 1 soundtrack is a very small piece, but I did like it. It was very ogre-like theme. I put a lot of horns, drums and other instruments together to make it distinct from ps1 theme, yet, not too close to Digimon World next order. Theme song describes Ogremon as a character very effectively. It is comical, intimidating and full of horns all around. I wanted to add bit more grand feel to the this song from Digimon World OST by remastering and remaking it from ground-up by first listening the notes and then building this brief theme on the basis of that. Remastered fan made Digimon music!