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  1. I'm a sucker for violin, I really am. First remix in a while to make it onto my hard drive after the crash that wiped out my collection of OCRemixes, and certainly instant MP3 player material. [deleted awesome violinist mother comment]
  2. Woah. Made its way onto my playlist, for sure. And it made my roommate look at me funny when I said: "Dude! Pac-Man remix! Pac-Man Remix!"
  3. I was sort of worried when I was downloading it, but now that I'm listening... Orcestration gives the piece something it was lacking to my ears. Of course, both versions are amazing, and whichever version makes it onto the project, I'll be keeping the other as well. Good job.
  4. "To Far Away Times" is a dud on Firefox and IE for me as well.
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