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  1. Greetings, i once opened a topic about a remix of Portal 2's "reconstructing more science" (http://www.thinkwithportals.com/music.php Volume 3) i was working on and was getting a lot of feedback regarding my remix. Now that i've been working on the remix for more than 1 1/2 years i finally came back here to get feedback for the current version, for i am planning to hand it in here at oc-remix and i want to ensure that the current version of the remix fulfills the requirements for oc-remix. The current (and hopefully final) version of the song: https://drive.google.com/o
  2. Thank you for your very good feedback I'll work on it for the next few days (or maybe weeks) to improve it and i hope that the result will be something that is ready for ocr. You are a big help for me <3
  3. Marked the thread as "ready for review". A big "thank you" to everybody who was giving feedback @Ronald Poe @timaeus222 @Tekkera
  4. I've added one last version where i've made two tiny changes... I hope that this version is the last version because i now am completely satisfied with the song If nobody comes up with another idea for a change i am going to mark this post as "ready for review" ^-^
  5. Hey there. First thank you for your feedback and second: I've uploaded a shorter version of the song so that the length of the song fits the content ^-^ Now i will continue waiting until nobody comes up with problems or suggestions anymore so i can mark this thread as "ready for review"
  6. Alright thank you for your help I will wait one or two days if somebody comes up with another problem or suggestion i will work on that if i think that it's necessary and then i will mark this post as "ready for review" \^-^/
  7. Thank you for your feedback <3 I've tried to fix the overcompression problem and made a version number 4 you can listen to
  8. Hey there, i've made a remix of the song "Reconstructing more Science" from the Portal 2 game and require some feedback. I've submitted the first version of the song but it did not make it to the judges panel. This actually is not a bad thing because i've got some very good feedback and worked a few days on the song to improve it. Here are some problems listed in the feedback email i worked on after getting feedback: Now i need to know if any of those problems still are present in the current version of the song or if anything else might be a problem. I th
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