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  1. I didn't know neither, what a bitter news... I absolutely respect everyone's decision, this is a pretty tough one to me. @Trism thanks for letting us know, I need to think about it as well
  2. Aw you're being way too nice with me. I should have read the rules better. I love this one as well : Collossia Chamber 1 Cool? Thank you and have a great day everyone
  3. Hi everyone, I'm definitely in! Secret of Evermore is a game I really liked playing back in the days, pretty dark to me. There is one song I keep listening to, today from the game and it's the main menu : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VaOmjiAyPc this song is mesmerizing. I'd love to take part with this one ! Clem
  4. Thank you so much @Trism I'm really glad to be part of this, Terranigma is definitely a big part of my youth and the Evergreen's track brings memories! Keep in touch
  5. Hi everyone, For a musical challenge, I did a short arrangement of a Deltarune's track (The Chase). Goal was to make a Deltarune's "christmassy" arrangement in one week. Not sure why but Christmas always sounded "Burton-esque" to me, so that's where I went with it I hope you'll enjoy.
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