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  1. Hello Everyone, Best wishes for this year to come to everyone To start something this year as past years haven't been as full of musics as I wished, and following my nearly traumatic fanatism of Sonic the hedgehod themes, I've started what is for now Working-titled "Docto Ivo's Masterpiece" (Ivo being the quite forgotten firstname of our beloved "Eggman"). This is still very early WIP and requires a lot of polishing, even more regarding the recording (which will, to be honest, need to be finally handled by someone who can play better than me cause it's always easier to write than to record sur voluntarily "extravagant" piece of work). This is what I came as a first part and early wip. To be clear again, this is *meant* to be very extravagant, just as the title says it all, but not to be anyhow "pretentious". Think about it as being played by a frustrated aging Eggman. _______________________________________________________________________________ Regarding the principle of writing, i've just took a lot of my prefered and classic themes of Robotnik, trying to unify theme and rewrite them for piano solo with this kind of exercice in mind : - here is an extracted example for Final Zone (Sonic 1) so everyone get the idea straight immediately : Rewriting Oldies for Piano Solo - Final Zone (Sonic1) (rewriting starts at 00:15) _______________________________________________________________________________ About the source materials, it's unified and messed up from all the classic expected sources like, but not exhaustively - Sonic 3 & Knucles "Robotnik's theme" - Sonic 2 "Dr Robotniks theme" - Sonic The hedgehog "Robotnik's theme" - 2-Player Vs. - Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine [OST] - Sonic 1 Music: Final Zone - Sonic 3 Music: Final Boss - and so on... Any feedback will be deeply apreciated. So tell me everything I don't wanna hear !! (and everything i'd be pleased to if anyhow you're please too <3) _______________________________________________________________________________ Here is a private SoundCloud link to the WiP: Doctor Ivo's Masterpiece - Part 1 - Early wip (Robotnik's themes for piano solo) _______________________________________________________________________________ Edit log : - added some rudimentary marking as soundcloud commentary, may it ease commenting parts - inverted tags so they correctly appear in thread list _______________________________________________________________________________
  2. Hello @Gario First of all, I would like to profoundly thank you for such a clear, precise and objective feeback, with such wisely chosen words. This kind of feedback is more than one could hope for. So again : Thanks you very much. About the compression and "muffling", you are being very kind here : the levels are awful, EQ's are mediocre. It just sound right know totally different from one sound system to any other. I hope you had at least a clear-enough system to have it hearable. On this understanding, I was hoping very hard for comments on the other parts, and you did a perfect job at providing them here, these are really insifghtfull. About the Choice of so much strings, I'm quite sad on learning it creates such feeling of blandness, as the piece was meant to be as is. It's a rough announcement for upcoming songs, and was meant to be as broken-winded, clumsy and "rough" as Eggman was to me : He tries really hard, does too much, and don't suceed in this way. It's mean't to be "too much". Then right now, I'm quite embarassed with what to do with that information. Maybe finally this piece and the next should be made "one" (I think the could), as both together they would both break (I hope) these feelings and for sure cover a lot more of the orchestra. As you've well understood, a strong will was made on humanizing the samples, as such a repetitive (We're talking about 90% of the tune accounting a total of... ONE™ Chord) piece with so much staccatos are to be very quickly heard as repetitive and reveal once again the "sampled" status of our todays personal pocket orchetras. Thanks again for your feedback, Which make me definitely think that this piece should be "cut down" to less sections for the first part (like dividing the whole 4/4 part duration by two) then made one with what was to be the next song. Best Regards, Colin
  3. (Please be Aware I'm French, so my english is known to be sometime quite ... Frenchy. Sorry for that.) Edit : • 07/08 @22:57 GMT+2 : Fixed Version as Ready for review ! More info on Materials, and writing. Also Final Name ! • 07/04 @1:35 GMT+2 : Wip Update With bridge to part2 • 07/04 @08:23 GMT+2 : Wip update With Completed part2 with more source material (Sonic's Genesis robotknik(s), Final-Fantasy VI hear-alike, "Batman" hear-alike, and some other micro-cameos) Hello World ! I'm coming back from the dead since my OCR01946 of ... 2009 (with another account since I've lost the other one's email Long time ago). Anyway here it is, an "Orchstral" Rework / Whole new sight on the Infamous "2Players VS" of Dr Robotnik's Mean beans Machine. I think I've already heard the original tune going endlessly in mind-breaking loops for Something like 18h straight when I was younger. Two decades after that, I'm up with a W.I.P. of an expiation of sort. It's meant to be a First track of an upcoming series called "Eggman Plays The Orchestra" so it's voluntarily meant to be "huge" as a "catchy" announcement to what's coming next. As usual with me it's written with a lot of ostinato's and Staccato's, with distinguishable part. The main part's are written in 4/4 for the first one (Dr Robotnik Mean bean machine), and alternating 9/8 and 12/8 for the Second part (Mainly Eggman theme from Sonic & Knuckle as a base). The song name "La méchante Machine à Haricot" is a straight French translation of the "The Mean Bean Machine" locution, which fits quite well for Eggman's behavior and being, I thought. I Hope it sounds at least pleasant for your ear or your mind (if you have the same Sega's puyo-puyo trauma as I have). Hoping for feedback, hopefully the unpleasant one's are the most important to go through so... Don't hesitate to be rough ! Best Regards, C. The Song : • mp3 : • Soundcloud : The Original Materials : More materials from : Various Sonic/S&K cameos, Final Fantasy 6&7 hear-alike (Intro from FFVI, Jenova from FFVII, Kefka From FFV6I, Decisive Battle from FFVI...)