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Doctor Ivo's Masterpiece - (Sonic The hedgehog's, Robotnik's Themes for piano solo)

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Hello Everyone,

Best wishes for this year to come to everyone :)

To start something this year as past years haven't been as full of musics as I wished, and following my nearly traumatic fanatism of Sonic the hedgehod themes, I've started what is for now Working-titled "Docto Ivo's Masterpiece" (Ivo being the quite forgotten firstname of our beloved "Eggman").

This is still very early WIP and requires a lot of polishing, even more regarding the recording (which will, to be honest, need to be finally handled by someone who can play better than me cause it's always easier to write than to record sur voluntarily "extravagant" piece of work).

This is what I came as a first part and early wip.

To be clear again, this is *meant* to be very extravagant, just as the title says it all, but not to be anyhow "pretentious". Think about it as being played by a frustrated aging Eggman.


Regarding the principle of writing, i've just took a lot of my prefered and classic themes of Robotnik, trying to unify theme and rewrite them for piano solo with this kind of exercice in mind :

- here is an extracted example for Final Zone (Sonic 1) so everyone get the idea straight immediately

Rewriting Oldies for Piano Solo - Final Zone (Sonic1) (rewriting starts at 00:15)


About the source materials, it's unified and messed up from all the classic expected sources like, but not exhaustively

Sonic 3 & Knucles "Robotnik's theme"

Sonic 2 "Dr Robotniks theme"

Sonic The hedgehog "Robotnik's theme"

2-Player Vs. - Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine [OST]

Sonic 1 Music: Final Zone

Sonic 3 Music: Final Boss

- and so on...

Any feedback will be deeply apreciated.

So tell me everything I don't wanna hear !! (and everything i'd be pleased to if anyhow you're please too <3)


Here is a private SoundCloud link to the WiP:

Doctor Ivo's Masterpiece - Part 1 - Early wip (Robotnik's themes for piano solo)


Edit log : 

  • - added some rudimentary marking as soundcloud commentary, may it ease commenting parts
  • - inverted tags so they correctly appear in thread list


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I love it. I love the concept, the arrangement, the story of the mix, and I most certainly love the picture of Dr. Ivo R. poised on the piano bench, venting a career's worth of frustration on the keys. I'm only a novice on the ivories myself, so I hope someone with more experience can come and offer the technical advice you're looking for. The driving, almost mad pace well captures the (alleged) dizzying intellect of the Dr., his doomed machinations and ambitions, and well communicates an endless frustration at being thwarted. It lends a seething retrospection, reliving inciting memories. Furthermore, if you actually played this wearing white gloves, I'm ordering you a pizza. Nice work, keep at it!

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