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  1. Hello! My artist name is DJValefor/Valefor. My real name is Omar. I'm very quiet and usually shy. I have been a fan of ocremix for a long time. One of my favorite tracks was a piano version of the Jenova theme from Final Fantasy VII. I live in California and and just moved to new city with my family for work. My family is just me my spouse and our dogs and cat. I'm a perfectionist with MANY mistakes so I am always still learning and love going on a quest to find new and old music. I hope to make some new friends and such!
  2. Just an update that I have added a Breath of Fire IV remix. The track name eludes me. It should play in the above playlist as well. I also added the Nier remix to this list so I can stay organized on Youtube. I will jiust go ahead and add songs to the playlist here. I usually just make music so I appologize if my yourtube account or website are not working correctly at times. Thanks a bunch!
  3. Hello again this is another track seperate from the other 2 earlier and probably my last for the night. Although it might be seperate, I do plan on using the same pop style as before and so I have reserved spaces for a vocalist. the beginning has been edited and sounds a bit bare. I could definitley get some feedback on drums or other game-ish sounds for the bass intro. any feedback/listens/shares is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. I'm sorry. I am not sure why that shows on the first video. but i was able to get it taken off now. Thank you
  5. Hello! My name is Omar. I am a DJ from America and am planning on helping with a VGM remix Album. I would like to get any opionons on my 2 tracks if possible. I know musicians are very busy and pride themselves on the work they do. But any time you have to give a listen/opinion or share with friends is greatly appreciated. [UPDATE July 28th] There are 4 tracks 01. a remix of Streets Of Rage 2 (The Style is UK Freeform/Happy Hardcore/) 02. The second remix is a pop style remix of the Azys Lla theme 03. Nier Automata Amusement Park is also a pop inspired remix 04. Breath of Fire IV - Old skool style with 8bit. LINK: I am planning on getting a singer before going any further so there are a few production gaps in the files I provided. Thank you for your time!