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  1. Can't listen to the previews on BandCamp for some reason. So I just bought the album. For $10. Yes, I do believe it's that good. You better remember this! On Track 4, so far loving it all! -Josh
  2. Nah, not dangerous. Until one of us finds you!.....Er.... -Josh
  3. You know, for not being part of the OCR community for....several years, this is awesome. Downloading all of them now (not simultaneously of course) and will listen ASAP, while out photographing. -Josh
  4. Is that via going through about:cache in Firefox? I assume there is a similar way in other browsers, too.
  5. Crap!! I obviously don't visit the OCR forum as much anymore, and this time I lucked out.... Maybe next year. Need an official OCR photographer? -Josh
  6. I'm seeding the WHOLE torrent right now; FLAC and MP3. Almost at 5.0!! -Josh
  7. Ah, I see. So that's why it took so long. I didn't know that many of the songs were not 'original' songs, but remixed rock songs of the time....Wow... No wonder the Doom albums took such a long time to come out..... -Josh
  8. I was wondering, why is this not a whole album? It's awesome as-is, no doubt. But I was wondering why this isn't a two disc album, maybe multiple mixes or different artists doing the same songs? That would be kickass. But then there's the whole two and a half plus years. Kinda seems sad that it's *only* 14 tracks after so muchwork? No matter, though, very awesome all around. Everyone did a great job! -Josh
  9. Sent you $30 DJP! Keep up the awesome work everyone! -Josh
  10. BGC, please fix my name. It's 'JTD121'. Thanks! I'll also buy some apparel at some point in April as well!! -Josh
  11. I will be donating between $25-50 to OCR within a week. We'll see how the finances go for a couple more days. -Josh
  12. Hmm.....A little late, I suppose, but better than never. I like the music, the mix, the arrangement. Very true to the source, I'd say. But the vocals...don't get me wrong, they are good. Very slick. However, I am not a fan of rap and most hip-hop. Again, not to say they don't fit, or are bad in any way. I am just not into them as everyone else. Maybe it just takes a couple listens to get used to or something. But overall, this is great. I wonder if AE will release an instrumental version, as the backing music sounds like it could stand on it's own without the vocals. -Josh
  13. I can help with the torrent if you need it. JTD121 on AIM -Josh
  14. Yes, please do! Any if you have any of the others, that would be awesome as well! And apparently, 8PM CEST (France, among other Euro countries), it about 2PM EDT. -Josh
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