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  1. (I play tuned half-step down so I noted this as I play it) I think it was: The bass play D when the guitars plays C# (then E and A). The bass in the original plays C#. I'm not absolutely positive with the details as I would have to download it again to check it out, but I think that was it.
  2. Now, this is the type of "all keyboard" song I love. Orchestral. (yeah, I'm not a big fan of "bomp boing, yay, I'm at a dance club" but I do love keyboards. There's a dif.) The way the different tunes blends into each other is swell! I don't think it ends too abruptly, it's a dramatic ending just like there is in classical music. Nice work.
  3. Kryptik is right. The bass is off at some points and also the guitar, except not as often. The final extra leads are always a nice addition and are well performed. Not enough to be a keeper though.
  4. Aaah , very good and soothing, I like the piano and acoustic interchange. Love it. <edit> I'd just like to add that it's from the title screen itself and not when the prelude (Protoman blowing stuffs) for clarification. I should know since I'm doing a romhack of it and have to put up with the MM5 music hours long each day.
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