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  1. Hey everybody!

    I'm planning on making a Kickstarter for my Final Fantasy 6 project and was curious if anyone here has used Kickstarter?  If so, can you please get in touch as I'd like to share with you a draft for the Kickstarter plan to see if anyone thinks it can be improved or changed for the better?


  2. Question:  I've just found a video on YouTube is of one of my arrangements, that another person has uploaded.  I have not been credited, so it seems like this person is trying to pass my arrangement off as their own.  I'm not sure if I should first ask the person to at least credit me as the original writer of the piece, or to report the video?  I will include the two videos here for comparison:

    mine - www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-IXHhUGcD8

    the other person's upload - www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPcevqjC_Ww

  3. Hi everybody, I'm curious to get some thoughts on a plan I have:

    I want to make an extended version of the FF6 Opera Scene. I know there's about 4 or 5 different versions of the text, but there's also non-spoken dialogue in the Scene which isn't sung, but I was considering including this as sung dialogue, or maybe even playing two different versions together to "flesh out" sections.

    For example: The First Scene, when Draco sings:

    "Oh Maria, Oh Maria, Though I call you from afar, Will this message reach your Heart? Oh how I long to be with you!"

    I was thinking of including immediately after it another version, which reads:

    "Oh Maria, Oh Maria, My beloved, do you hear My words whispered in your ear As if I were by your side?"

    I was curious if this may be a well-received idea, or if most people may just prefer the original length and just one version of the libretto??

  4. HI everybody!

    Hope you all had a good New Year!  I've just completed a new arrangement; finally I've managed to turn my hand to Undertale!  Here is a Piano arrangement of Bolero of Fire from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  Like the Undertale piece, I'm making an extended Orchestral version soon!  In the meantime, enjoy!


  5. Hello Everyone!

    Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

    You and your videogame music friends are all invited to a special YouTube Live Premiere of a new Orchestral Arrangement: Zelda Fantasia, a piece for Orchestra and Choir.  It is an arrangement centred around Zelda's Lullaby, one of the most iconic melodies from the whole LoZ series, and accompanied by footage from various titles in the series!  the Link (pun intended, lol 😜 ) to the event will be uploaded to the event page, so do keep an eye on it! 😊  See you there to welcome in 2022! :)


  6. Hi everyone!

    Sorry for being away for such a long time, here's the newest upload to YouTube:  A Waltz for Piano based on the Underwater Theme of the Super Mario Bros - Lost Levels game from the SNES Super Mario All Stars collection.  Although it's the Start Screen for the game, it's still the Underwater Theme in principle.

    Disclaimer: Original music by the Legend Koji Kondo Sensei.  Visuals are of in-game gameplay.



  7. Hi everybody!

    In one month from today, The Creation of Hyrule, an epic Symphonic Poem based purely on Legend of #Zelda Music, will Premiere on YouTube. Check out the Promo Video and put the date in your calendar!! You don't want to miss this this; let's make it a day to remember; it would be 10 years to the day that the Zelda 25th Anniversary E3 took place!  Here is a Promo video, please come and check the event out!

    I did post the audio of this piece in an article in this very forum a couple of years ago, which can be found here: 






  8. Hey everybody!

    This is an arrangement for Piano of Fi's Lament from The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword. There are a few variants of this piece in the original soundtrack, but I took the original Orchestral version, and coupled that with the version played at the end of the game, with a little scoring changes of my own, with a fragment of the LoZ main theme to round it off!!

    Disclaimer: Original music is by Hajime Wakai and Shiho Fujii, visuals are in-game cutscenes.


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