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  1. This seems very impressive, Ben! I figure since it's an hour long piece, it deserves that I sit down and listen with concentration. I look forward to listen later this week.
  2. Hi, I'm Krisena! I'm a composer who writes a blend of classical music and VGM. I'm new to the OCRemix community, so I figure the best way to introduce myself would be to post a sample of my music. This piece is called Butterfly and is a small piece for solo piano that I wrote during summer earlier this year. I look forward to spending time in the OC ReMix community in the coming weeks. I'm also happy to answer any questions you may have. Please enjoy.
  3. For the people who are interested in analyzing video game music, I recommend checking out the Ongaku Concept community. We're tight knit community spanning Youtube, Discord, Facebook and Discord and we're dedicated to the study and creation of video game and anime music. The community consists of passionate amateurs, music students and professional composers, and is based around the video essays and expertise of Joshua Taipale. Check out the Youtube channel here: The Discord server is here: Facebook: Myself, I spend most of my time there and have benefited greatly from the knowledge shared.
  4. Thank you, Ben! The audio is made using Kontakt, indeed.
  5. As I love Hayato Asano's work for Blue Reflection, I decided to arrange one of my favorite tracks from the soundtrack for piano. The original music is incredibly dense and rich with layers, and this is something I wanted to preserve in the arrangement. This work is not intended for a sole pianist to play - though it would be possible to arrange it for two pianos - though it has been performed to great effect by an automated piano I'm blessed to have access to. Blue Reflection is not a very well known game. It's a JRPG developed by Gust (known for the Atelier, Ar Tonelico and Nights of Azure series) and was released in Japan in April earlier this year. The game is about Hinako, a high school ballet dancer who has damaged her ankle and has lost her ability to dance. After becoming acquinted with her classmates Yuzu and Lime, she is given the power to fight as a magical girl, referred to as a "Reflector", allowing her to move freely, but also burdening her with the responsibility to fight otherwordly beings threatening to end the world. The soundtrack mixes drum'n bass, orchestral music and shibuya kei, united with Hayato Asano's trademark larger than life melodies and powerful, driving arrangements. All kinds of comments are welcome. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate asking and I'll answer to the best of my ability. Please enjoy! The original track can be heard here: