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  1. So here's my thought, I've not seen any Monster Hunter music here and I'm a HUGE fan of Monster Hunter. I've been a mod of R/MonsterHunter for 5 years and a member it's full 7. I also run a Podcast Hunter's Hub so here's my proposal... I want to see a full remix album. I know it's a LOT but I think it would be really neat to see some kind of collaboration for a HUGE series with not a lot of musical appreciation outside of Japan. So my thoughts are an 11 track album that spans the 4 at this point generations of Monster Hunter with the 5th on the horizon Track 1 MH 1 the beginning -> Track 2 the Rathalos (battle) -> Track 3 Tirgrex -> Track 4 Nargacuga -> Track 5 Lagaicrus -> Track 6 Zinogre -> Track 7 Brachidios -> Track 8 Gore Magala -> Track 9 Seregios -> Track 10 Glavenous, Mitsune, Gammoth, and Aastalos mashup -> Track 11 Monster Hunter World -> I hope someone can do this I think it would be really awesome even to just get a few.