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So here's my thought, I've not seen any Monster Hunter music here and I'm a HUGE fan of Monster Hunter.  I've been a mod of R/MonsterHunter for 5 years and a member it's full 7.  I also run a Podcast Hunter's Hub so here's my proposal... I want to see a full remix album.  I know it's a LOT but I think it would be really neat to see some kind of collaboration for a HUGE series with not a lot of musical appreciation outside of Japan.  

So my thoughts are an 11 track album that spans the 4 at this point generations of Monster Hunter with the 5th on the horizon

Track 1 MH 1 the beginning ->

Track 2 the Rathalos (battle) ->

Track 3 Tirgrex ->

Track 4 Nargacuga ->

Track 5 Lagaicrus ->

Track 6 Zinogre ->

Track 7 Brachidios ->

Track 8 Gore Magala ->

Track 9 Seregios ->

Track 10 Glavenous, Mitsune, Gammoth, and Aastalos mashup ->

Track 11 Monster Hunter World ->


I hope someone can do this I think it would be really awesome even to just get a few.



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I would LOVE a remix album of Monster Hunter. I would take part in it if it ever happened. The only problem I see arising is that, even though it's gained popularity, MH is still kind of obscure and resources for already transcribed source material is harder to come by, that being said, I'd be willing to do a track on an album like this.

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This is a pretty cool idea. I've been considering tackling something from MHW after playing it so much. Just not sure what yet. 

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