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  1. it's almost 1 year after a big release,about: blank surprises me again, with another beautiful remix, I will never get over your first "acrophobia" sound that has marked my life over 10 years ago, thanks about, for this one more collaboration with undertale, and please remain firm, it seems that old Oc artists are more present than ever
  2. This is the best song of @Ivan Hakštok I really love to listen this, in my life i always listen this in a beauty and in a Sad moment ir my life, really chance my life this mix, please @Ivan Hakštok do more of this, please
  3. Hey everybody, need a help, my favorite song of all time on the games is "Use your Head" from Earthworm jim, and i really like to search New remixes to listen, anyone know where i found ? Or ir you have a remix of this song can sent here. Thank You so much
  4. Uow @NovemberRhythm thanks Bro you help me so much
  5. @Black_Doom thanks for the help Man, it would be nice, if he see that post.
  6. @Black_Doom thanks Bro, i forgot to mention in the post that i already listening too, all the songs of competitions he participed, I would like to find even deeper as in tindeck but the site is down a shame :(
  7. Hello i'm great fan of @Ivan Hakštok really i listen his songs everyday since 2013, please, anyone know where i can find all songs of him ? I've seen all of his sounds on oc remix, all on DoD, but I'm sure there must be more lost files out there, so if anyone has or knows where I think, help a fan. thank You !!! ♥️
  8. Where's the links for download ? When i click on Link, that error apearence 2F176/1
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