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  1. It would be fantastic a remix album about these two classics:) Super Mario All-Stars would be asking too much XD
  2. NovemberRhythm

    OCR03780 - EarthBound "Wishing on a Snowman"

    I noticed something weird ... I downloaded this song on 08/28 and it was 6:12 minutes. But then I forgot I had downloaded it and downloaded it again on 02/02 and had only 5:25 minutes ... WTF? What happened?! The original went to OCRemoved? ps.: by the way, of course, it's a good song : )
  3. NovemberRhythm

    ...RIP ReMix ThaSauce Again??

    I'm behind three remixes that have been removed from thasauce site, any of you have? RTS81 Shnabubula - Final Fantasy - 'Final Fantasy Medley' RTS87 Miszou - Goldeneye 007 'Rocking the Cradle' RTS229 (This one has no idea what it is, I only know the ID number)