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  1. http://web.archive.org/web/20170401191525/http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03526 http://web.archive.org/web/20170401191521/http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03525 http://web.archive.org/web/20170401191421/http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03524 One thing I never understood is why these remixes never made it to the ocremoved site. I don't know if it's true, but I heard that the remixes were on the site just for a joke, as they were from the April 1st knuckles album and the remixes were on the site for only 1 day, if I'm not mistaken (I was lucky enough to download on this day and the page saved on the waybackmachine to prove it).. And that gives me more of a headache thinking that there might be other remixes that have been TOTALLY "deleted" (they didn't leave any traces that they ever existed, not even in the ocremoved). Was there any case similar to these three that anyone could tell me? And sorry for my English.
  2. hello guys the link to the music of the @The Vodoú Queen is broken http://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/PRC429 if it is not possible to fix someone could send me the music link?
  3. A real doubt that I have always had is whether the old VGMix sites (2002/2003/2004 ...) have any albums made by them that were lost. I already researched and never found anything about it. (If the current VGMix did it, I'm sorry, I don't know either) Many remix sites have their own albums like here in OCRemix, ThaSauce, Overlooked ... it would be strange that VGMix never made any, at least for me. Who lived at that time could inform me?
  4. the Axlr remix is corrupted ... is there any other way to download it?
  5. Hello, I really like his work too. Here are the songs from sites you didn't mention: VGMIX 4 https://vgremix.com/songs/dr-wilyarty-stage-1 COMPO (PRC211 ~ OHC311) http://compo.thasauce.net/profiles/view/Hakstock RWS SEASON 1 EPISODES 3, 4 & 5 (3 Remixes) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gySdrJcoXbAwoRVf5OueQLfSURGTUU7A
  6. Why not show the link on the ThaSauce Compo: PRC page?
  7. this was the best remix of hopes and dreams I've ever heard S2
  8. Found! MnP1 Final Fantasy VII MindWanderer - Nail Bat Thanks MindWanderer! PRC5 Pokemon & Diablo Poke-Blo By Bladiator Thanks Bladiator!
  9. Hello, it's me again. The guy who wanted to know the source of the lost remixes of VGMix1 (Who wants to help still have some missing source remixes). I'm here again asking you for another help to find remixes lost this time from another site, Compo PRC and MnP. With the help of Bundeslang, Hoboka, Argle, Esperado & Grappling Hook. Here they are: PRC11 (Kirby's Block Ball - Main Theme) Kirby Chaos By Mythril Nazgul K-Bizziby By Rellik PRC16 (Secret of Evermore - Palace of Collosia) Fields of Glass Treasure By Chokster37 PRC18 (Final Fantasy VIII - Assault on Dollet) Mid Dawn By Lasakon PRC26 (Mega Man 7 - Shade Man) Three By DMLee prc45 (2-19) (Kirby 64 - Cave Theme) DJCrapper piano solo By DJ Notte MnP1 (Final Fantasy VII - Battle Theme) Drum ‘n Battle by Trism FF7 Battle by DrumJ8 FF7 Battle by HarryUp Bonus Mix: Horny Suk 3 5 Ever by Damashi! If anyone is interested, I can put all the missing PRCs and MnPs I found for download.
  10. I have a suggestion: Split between new and old remixes when uploading.
  11. I own several VGMix 1 files that do not exist in VGMixArchive taken from here. But most of the files were incomplete (without artist and source) so I searched the web.archive. After a lot of work, I found the majority, leaving only these here, until I created a help topic to discover the sources (my luck is that those that lacked, all came with the name of the artist included in the file) I discovered the majority through the help of multiple users. @KungFuFurby06Editionhas a complete list archived of your own remixes of VGMix 2 @hogdoghas some remixes from VGMix X on his channel, but he may have up to more. I already got in touch but the same never answered me.
  12. (If I had a good English this would be huge) I met this site at the time that came out the wonderful Donkey Kong Country album 2 "Serious Monkey Business" (Maybe because I live in a backward country) I was so surprised by the quality of the song that I downloaded all the songs on the site! The songs on this site have accompanied me almost all my life, my personal soundtrack is basically on this site. I even remember my happiness when the Donkey Kong Country 3 album came out that I had been waiting for years (it was Christmas time) All the remixers here I love them from the bottom of my heart, but if they asked me what my top 5 would be here: 1. Brandon Strader (unfortunately he is no longer here) 2. Willrock 3. Ivan Hakštok 4. Rexy 5. LuIzA / OA "Hope Fails" (Technical Draw) I wanted to thank from the bottom of my heart all that you have done for me. One day I will buy the T-shirts or donate money to the site as a form of retribution ^^ Ps: I'm following you everywhere
  13. hey, where do I find the other PRC competitions that happened at Doulifee? (from PRC93 backwards)

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    2. NovemberRhythm


      I just downloaded all the files


    3. Bundeslang


      The second and last part is send as well, these files are a mess, but I think the songs are all there.

    4. NovemberRhythm


      Hello, I forgot to thank you for your generosity in making the rest of the PRCs available. Thank you! (I hope I'm not bothering) but some files have been missing, come cut or corrupted, are these:

      Final Fantasy Legend Remix By Bladiator
      Poke-Blo By Bladiator
      Electrion By The Orichalcon
      ReaktorLands By ReactorZero
      Water in space By ReactorZero
      The Valley The Da Snake By Mythril Nazgul
      Kirby Chaos By Mythril Nazgul
      K-Bizziby By Rellik
      The 4th Dimensions By ArseAssassin
      Zoom Shroom Riot By Bladiator
      Fields of Glass Treasure By Chokster37
      Mid Dawn By Lasakon
      Blot By Less Ashamed Of Self
      Three By DMLee
      PRC27 (2-1)
      Elevator TO Hell By The Orichalcon
      My Cellar By Less Ashamed Of Self
      Xylorun By Eon Blue Patient
      PRC28 (2-2)
      Psionix By Skullkrusha
      Innocent By Less Ashamed Of Self
      On Fire By Nodspaw51
      PRC32 (2-6)
      In the infested castle By Ichitootah
      NewYear guitar progress By Nodspaw51
      PRC33 (2-7)
      Suicide Bounce By Nasenmann
      prc44 (2-18)
      I love my piano By Nodspaw51
      McBlood By Snooper1989
      Ultimate Butt Boss By Less Ashamed Of Self
      prc45 (2-19)
      Kirby's Dreamband By Vindkast
      DJCrapper piano solo By DJ Notte
      PRC48 (2-22)
      Yoshi Belmont By V Gasm

      You do not have those stored elsewhere, do not you? XD The rest I have already refined with the artist, original game and PRC.

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