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  1. NovemberRhythm

    Remixes lost without the remixed game name

    The "Solace Eldean" do you remember which game it is?
  2. NovemberRhythm

    OCR03800 - Seiken Densetsu 3 "Do the Splash Hop"

    wow this song reminds me of some old brazilian songs from the 90's skank, jota quest, etc. I loved this sound too much
  3. NovemberRhythm

    Remixes lost without the remixed game name

    Well, I was surprised because I noticed that Void sent many remixes of unknown games. But they were very good songs. Still, I really wanted to know where he got them from. I thank everyone who continues to help
  4. NovemberRhythm

    Remixes lost without the remixed game name

    Thank you! I will update the topic in case there are more answers
  5. NovemberRhythm

    Remixes lost without the remixed game name

    Hi guys. I'm a big fan of sites that do remixes of games and I've been looking for the various remixes lost from VGMix until I find on a mirror site some remixes of the first version of VGMix. There were a lot of songs with no game name and artist, but checking through the Wayback Machine website I was able to find out most of the artists and the original games, but there were still 43 remixes without the name of the game. I came here hoping someone could help me figure out the original source of each remix. Here is the list of artists on the left and songs with mp3 links (from the original ocmirror website) on the right: Ater Draconis Forest Shadows Shadows.mp3 DeNihil Pyramid(Tetrahedronic Mix) Mix).mp3 Draygon Khoren Saying Goodbye Saying Goodbye.mp3 DrSeuss eLeVAtor MuSick MuSick.mp3 EmptyMy Martian Invasion Remix Invasion Remix.mp3 evil_knob Town Tune Tune.mp3 Goolancer Jazzy Cat Cat.mp3 The Devil Devil.mp3 Welcome Home Home.mp3 headfonez 13 Second Enemy second enemy.mp3 Two Enemies Enemies.mp3 K-Wix Destiny: Embrace the Dark Mana Embrace the Dark Mana.mp3 Maleh-Vor Haunted Heart Heart.mp3 Matze Bruce is Running is running.mp3 Damage Theme Theme.mp3 Fight-3 Theme Theme.mp3 First Place Place.mp3 Theme Midee Beast Machine Machine.mp3 orkybash Darkness and Ice and Ice.mp3 Quinn Fox Submereged Forest Forest.mp3 Sergio Thomas Solomons Crown Crown.mp3 skyline The Police Station Police Station.mp3 Soul Sypher Resident Evil Remixed-Tribute Evil Remixed-Tribute.mp3 Spram Secrets StriderYokoshima Calm (Elevator JDNB Fusion) (Elevator JDNB Fusion).mp3 strike911 Ocean Nine Nine.mp3 The Graceful Failure 100 Year Old Trance Year Old Trance.mp3 Void Church of Despair of Despair.mp3 Crimson Sky Sky.mp3 Does God Exist? God Exist_.mp3 Isolated Village Village.mp3 Limbo Lonely Winter Night Winter Night.mp3 Mediation Moon Base Siege Base Siege.mp3 Sacrificial Offering Offering.mp3 Score Breaker Breaker.mp3 Stupid Clutz Clutz.mp3 Temple of the Enlightened Ones of the Enlightened Ones.mp3 The Final March Final March.mp3 Victory!!.mp3 Xerxes Jazz's Conspiracy's Conspiracy.mp3 Found Name Updates: \slash Gitaroo Back in Time!!!!!!!!!!11111111111 (Gitaroo Man) .aaron p. matthews Mike's Graduation (StarTropics) Abort_Retry_Fail? Mind of the Deku (The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask) Beej When the Wind Blows (F-Zero) BDBC Make One Up (The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask) Ark ReCreation (Terranigma) 'ReCreation' (Terranigma) Advisor The Techno Beast (Secret of Mana) Billysk8r Feel the Menu! (Kirby Super Star) BitMaP Devil's Halo (Halo) Dalton Hylian March (The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time) Digimatic Floating Ninja Kicks (Double Dragon 3) DJ AlphaGaia Deja Vu of an Acid Trip (Shadowgate) DJ Starfish Atsui no Taiyo (Golden Sun) DJ TeknoBunny Caribbean Shopping (River City Ransom) DrSeuss Savior (The Guardian Legend) Take it to the House (Zelda 2) Edgahkun Higher Confidence (Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Valkyrie Profile) End of the Millenium Refuge (Phantasy Star 3) Evan Pattison In the Wake of a Legend (Final Fantasy 6) Goolancer Release Your Mind (Horror Mix) (Beatmania CompleteMix 2) Gwilym Wogan Unveil (Magical Drop 3) HolyDragon Shh! Don't get Yourself Kille (Doom 2) justinofthejungle [Techno]drome (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2 The Arcade Game) Maleh-Vor Black Forest (Super Castlevania 4) MDesigner Valley of the Lizardmen (Baldur's Gate 2) Nemo Last Gasp (Mega Man 6) Mezzo Forte (Rockman & Forte) nesprotection Sunny Skies (StarTropics) Tengublaster(Ah,it's Just a K (Mega Man 8 Sega Saturn) Nightsong Lost Souls (Castlevania Symphony of the Night) Nukkus Spaced Departure (Space Quest 3) Quinn Fox Be Attitude (Radiant Silvergun) Ceramic Hallways (Phantasy Star 3) Charm Vibes (Ristar) Dark Engine (Scorcher) Moonlight Alone (Lunar 2 Eternal Blue) Post Intermission (Ninja Gaiden) Powerup Candles (Super Castlevania 4) Solace Eldean (Original-Arrangement) Tree to Woodwind ( Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei) RuneWalsh Adventurous Youth (Ys 3) SalvatoreLeone The Rock Solid Fun 'N' Games (Banjo-Tooie) smh A Tortured World (Golden Sun) Snowdrifts in Imil (Golden Sun) Strike911 Online Street Band (Mega Man Battle Network) The Coop Heading Home (Raiden) Werewolf Airbase - Heavyarms (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Duel)
  6. It would be fantastic a remix album about these two classics:) Super Mario All-Stars would be asking too much XD
  7. NovemberRhythm

    OCR03780 - EarthBound "Wishing on a Snowman"

    I noticed something weird ... I downloaded this song on 08/28 and it was 6:12 minutes. But then I forgot I had downloaded it and downloaded it again on 02/02 and had only 5:25 minutes ... WTF? What happened?! The original went to OCRemoved? ps.: by the way, of course, it's a good song : )
  8. NovemberRhythm

    ...RIP ReMix ThaSauce Again??

    I'm behind three remixes that have been removed from thasauce site, any of you have? RTS81 Shnabubula - Final Fantasy - 'Final Fantasy Medley' RTS87 Miszou - Goldeneye 007 'Rocking the Cradle' RTS229 (This one has no idea what it is, I only know the ID number)