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  1. Yeah, I think it's more like "power pop" or something. Hard rock? I dunno. Hard rock is something like AC/DC. Well, Michael Jackson partly made Sonic 3's soundtrack so... Although the innocence of Sonic 1's Green Hill theme reminds me of the pop songs of the 60s.
  2. Okay. Recently, I played BetterSADX. And now I generally think that "Open Your Heart" is pretty cool. Reminds me of Guilty Gear a lot. Heavy metal is perfect for a Sonic game's main theme. Also, Kenichi Tokoi must be the main Sonic composer. Such a talented guy.
  3. Yeah, I understand. I didn't want to start it. Just wanted to list my favorite Sonic music genres. I don't enjoy this dispute either.
  4. Okay, I reconsidered my ideals. 130 bpm really is too slow for that song. 260 bpm fits it more nicely. And I really didn't measure BPM correctly. I was completely wrong. Maybe I was confused by such a big number. That's why I assumed it was incorrect. That's pretty huge. The speed metal territory. Pop punk rarely goes this fast.
  5. This isn't about classic Sonic vs modern Sonic. That has nothing to do with that. Our debate was about Sonic's pop punk and Sonic's pop punk only which is only a quarter of all Sonic's music. "Run right as fast as you can" will only get you killed. You should actively avoid obsticles and do sick tricks and stuff. That's why Rush games and boost trilogy are so successful. Furry fandom is pretty isolated from Sonic. Star Fox is the franchise that they lust over too so even Nintendo isn't save. But it didn't affect Nintendo. Actually, 2. Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles are the same game and nowadays people think that STH is "meh." Also, people don't like Sonic CD anymore. The fandom gets more and more divided with every year.
  6. I'm 19. Will be 20 in July. Hardcore still feels faster. Did anybody actually listen to the song I posted? Okay, here's another example. Clearly around 200bpm. I used "forgettable" as a synonym for "passable."
  7. I'm just saying that if the songs are above average in a particular genre, that doesn't make them automatically good. And yes, I subjectively think that most pop punk is mediocre. Man, you don't count the BPM correctly. You count every drum note. The actual BPM is 130. You should count every 1/4 of a tact. One and two and. Did you listen to Speed Bitch? Sounds like you didn't. Its beats are like WAAAAAAY faster.
  8. Again, I listened to all of SA1's songs. I know what I'm talking about.
  9. I'm not used to rate music in the context of something. I'm pretty unforgiving. Besides, there's better music. SEGA Sound Team and Cash Cash do a way better job IMHO. So in the context of Sonic the Hedgehog VGM that's not the case.
  10. Yeah, I tend to be very vocal when it comes to my opinions. I do it just to grab attention, express my emotions and make my point clearer. You shouldn't take it personally, really.
  11. Catchy does not equal good at all. Pop music is catchy. It doesn't mean it's good. It means that it's easier to remember and sing along with. It also means that the music is able to ingect itself into your brain like some kind of a drug. 200 bpm? That's insane even for most speed metal. That's a hardcore techno tempo. Here, take a look. And what? I can't voice my opinion regarding Sonic's music? I thought this thread was meant for exactly that. I just said what music suits Sonic best in my opinion. I really don't understand why you take it as some kind of offence directed to you personally. Neither did I say that it's bad. It's just "meh." Come on, it's just a band. One of millions. Why do you care? And again, I heard Sonic Adventure songs over 9000 times. I'm a Sonic fan myself so obviously I played all the important games. I just think that Crash 40 isn't fun and there is a lot of way more enjoyable music that Sonic games have besides Crash 40.
  12. Man. I wasn't talking about how much distortion the guitars have (in fact, the lack of distortion makes the guitars sound bland) and how catchy the lyrics are. I'm talking about the actual melody. It's boring. Not only guitars' melody but the vocal melody as well. They're uninteresting. They have little to no variation, no punch, no emotions, no energy. That makes the guitars sound low-quality. Just listen to Kai Hansen. His guitar sounds really colorful. And oh, Megadeth. Their bass guitar melodies are a rollercoaster. Crush 40's guitars? Bland. Have no variation in patterns or volume. Strike a chord, wait several seconds, strike another one. And regarding that I haven't listened to any of their songs. That's not true at all. I completed Sonic Adventure, played Sonic Adventure 2, completed Sonic Heroes and completed Sonic Generations. I know exactly how they sound. Also I must say that these songs don't fit Sonic not only because they're bland and lack energy but also because they're slowwwwww. Sonic is about going fast. He's about movement. He's about style. This music doesn't fit these criterias at all. Speaking about these songs' quality compared to other music. If you compare it to pop punk then yeah, they're better. But only compared to most songs because modern pop punk is 90% as uninteresting and boring. But if we're talking about The Ramones and early Green Day then no. And the fact that they're less repetitive than normal doesn't make these songs good. There's a lot of VGM music. Of course the amount of repetitive or down right horrible music is way bigger than that of good music. That doesn't speak about the songs' quality. It's just statistics.
  13. You probably think that I criticize them because I'm told they're bad. I have a reason. You see, all vocal pop rock songs in Sonic games are repetitive. I must admit, they have a hook at the beginning but after that they go really slowly and have very little variation in their melodies. Not to mention that all those guitars sound kinda low-quality. Just listen to Gamma Ray or Megadeth for a little bit. Clean, marvelous solos and powerful, sound-shredding bass guitars. That's quality! Okay, okay, it's closer to pop-punk or post-grunge. Then take a look at Green Day or Foo Fighters or The Ramones. They still sound better even if the guitars are dirtier. Also the lyrics are not good either. Generally speaking, I'm not peaky when it comes to lyrics. For me the music is more important. These songs definetely have hooks in the beginning but after them they become stale. These hooks would be better utilized in sample-based genres like breakbeat hardcore or drum 'n' bass or remixes but here they are only beginnings of the songs. The songs' main parts are forgettable.
  14. For classic Sonic it's house (including progressive, jazz house, hip house, Chicago house), lullaby, samba, orchestral and experimental. For modern Sonic it's big beat, ska, techno, psytrance, drum 'n' bass, orchestral and some pop rock (and NO, that DOES NOT include Chrash 40 and other cheesy stuff. By that I mean something like Speed Highway, Seaside Hill or Rooftop Run themes).