I'm looking for some fresh soundfonts (SF2 format)

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So, I'm a bit of a collector of soundfonts, have a solid 12GBs worth of it so far, and every year, I keep seeming to find more and more that were created but are no longer accessible due to broken links and such.


Well, by chance, do any of you have some soundfonts you can share that would otherwise be hard to get or acquire simply by googling them?


Just curious because I could use some new soundfont to add to my collection and help me find some new sounds for my original compositions.


(Also, if any of you happen to have that Metal Slug soundfont that was posted but now had a dead Dropbox link, I'd appreciate getting it, the guitar rifts and overall heavy metal sound it has is remarkable)

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if you like a blast from the 90's, this is good

they're really old sounds available in .sf2 format among others. you have to work with them, but there's a charm to them. i love 'em and the $99 isn't too much for the variety of sounds.

it's nothing like more recent, larger soundfonts. you get a lot of minimally sampled sounds, some trashy and iffy, some good to great, some highly original. a fair amount of these old rompler sounds were also sampled in video games of the era, naturally.

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