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  1. Alas, my only opportunity to play FFA was thanks to a hacked multi-ROM cartridge from Singapore. One of the downsides being, things were glitchy. Notably music. Thanks to the Switch and Collection of Mana, this lack has been corrected. And thanks to this downright lovely song - and yes, despite my previous reservations on lyrics, I greatly enjoyed the lyrics - I felt an immediate connection to the game. A beautiful song, with heartfelt lyrics.
  2. When i describe this to folks who have no idea about vgm remixes, I usually lead with "Bon Jovi-ish" Universally, I've been advised this is a Good Thing(tm)
  3. Only 8 years late ... in any case, I've typically not had great affection for remix albums where I'd neither played the game in question nor was familiar with the series (If applicable) Foolish, foolish, foolish BlueMage. This track has a joyous feeling of open air. It's light. It's uplifting. I'm in no position to comment on the technical aspects of it (I can barely play Zelda's Lullaby on a ukulele) so let me instead say this is a wonderful sounding mix that conveys the emotions associated with flying.
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