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  1. Hey @Liontamer dos you know where i found a copy of this competition?? I need só much
  2. Bad moment in my life.. maybe this mix can wake me up again..
  3. Hello anyone have a copy of the oldest competitions of the forums, some competitions have the link broken, specially i search for the "FL Studio competition" by: @Jason Covenant someone have this for me. Please i always be thanks for came help me on this..
  4. @Liontamer uoow this music archive is awesome, do you have some archive with the lost oc remix songs of forums competitions ??
  5. Olá, só criei esse tópico pra interagir um pouco com vocês, não sei dizer se muitos vão conseguir entender minha língua, afinal nao sei dizer mas temos fãs brasileiros aqui ? Remixers Brs ? Frequento o site desde 2011 e curto muito as competições e todos os projetos, infelizmente por aqui no brasil não sao muitas pessoas que conhecem o site. Mas temos alguns remixers brs, pelo menos, uhul. Enfim agradeço a atenção e é isso ai.
  6. maybe it's the chrome browser, I'll try to download another one to test, I've never had this problem with the downloads
  7. @Rozovian I tried with several remixes, from the most recent to the oldest, and the three mirrors are not downloading, I navigate through the chrome on my cell phone, I can not do it at all.
  8. so it is that I am from Brazil, and here already appearing this message of "waiting for the network" but in any connection that I use, wi fi no matter the place appears this. I do my downloads by mobile device, and in the three download links this message appears as if it were preventing the download. I've never had this problem before to download and now this is appearing it.Please if you know anything about.
  9. Anyone knows what happening with the remixes of site ? I can't use any mirror to download a mix just all mirrors dosen't do the download. Anyone knows how they fix it ? @djpretzel @Liontamer
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