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  1. Wow. This ranks up there, right next to Vigilante's guitar work on MGS2. You two are like fucking kings of the modern mature remixing movement. At least, I hope more stuff like this moves our way.
  2. I love reading the condescending comments from the elitists. "Techno sucks, blah." I'm sure you get enrage when you hear someone say "Classical music is sooooo boring" when talking about something from the Romantic period or something. Shut your face and let people enjoy their genre of choice. Take the time to learn about electronic music, and you'll understand what a well-produced track this is. If you're not willing to spend the time to understand what you're talking about, then you really shouldn't be saying at all. It doesn't contribute anything to the review pool. If someone doesn't like techno, then they probably won't be checking out the reviews anyways.
  3. That explains everything. I set my EQ to enhance the extreme frequencies, so it was like doing it twice over. Sounds better with the EQ off. Just wish I didn't have to remember to do it for this song alone though Oh Neostorm, would you be a dearie and.....?
  4. Keep in mind I don't know anything about music, and just listen to it. Is it just me, or is there clipping on stuff like the piano? It might be my headphones... Also, I think I'd like to have heard the sax take off a little bit more, go a bit more wild. The break at 2:52 is a bit out of place. I wasn't expecting it, and only time will tell if it's welcome. Maybe I'm being deceived by the piano and sax from earlier, but I wasn't really thinking about this in a techno or house mind set (anyone care to pick an electronic genre that sticks to this?). Anyways, this is a solid mix that will keep my other SFII remixes in good company. Thanks.
  5. My soul just got owned. And thank you, above reviewer, for reminding me that this is the same guy that did Zebesian Midnight. Vigilante is now on my watch list.
  6. Alright, I've heard the mix now and the beep + strings intro is a lot of fun. Who did the voices? Are those game samples, or is that you, John? Also, + a hojillion points for the use of church bells. One of my favorite staples of Wingless mixes. The use of strings over techno is beautiful. It always has been. Goes back at least as far as Sonic 3 IceCapped (harp + flute over beats). The eclectic use of instruments and combining "conventional" instruments with purely synthetic ones is a distinctive bit of OC Remix heritage, and Wingless continues it flawlessly. Definately "soundtrack style" as DJP put it. (The strings do sound a wee bit MIDIish) Maybe I'll review the second part another day.
  7. It's called "Bus!" And it's short. Short Bus! clevar Awesome freaking song too. This is really faithful to Earthbound in theme.
  8. OC Remix hasn't really held my interest in a long time. I remember the days I heard Mega Man 3's "Needles" and "Aphrodite Oceanus" from Secret of Mana. I haven't mouthed "Oh shit" in a while, is what I'm saying.
  9. Will The Wingless ever make his noncontroversial, universally-beloved piece? ... The Shadow knows!
  10. I really really really like this mix too. But the only reason I'm here is to say I'm not Bart Klepka.
  11. I love the NiGHTS OST. McVaffe took off on quite a tangent from the original song, which made me too overlook this song at first. This song is a good deal more playful than the original, mostly due to the piano and drum beat. "Jam" is the perfect description for this rendition. Quality music, especially for NiGHTS lovers.
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