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  1. Holy shit this song is good. I have no idea why there are so few posts about it. My best guess would be that every time someone listens to it, they become hospitalized. I don't blame them. The last time I listened to this, the next thing I remembered was waking up in an intensive care ward.
  2. Ray Lynch kicks ass! Well, I always liked Deep Breakfast anyway.
  3. "Rena Lanford of Arlia Village" is beautiful. I'm glad to see Star Ocean 2 finally get some love at OCR. Motoi deserves it, that's for sure. As a side note, has anyone heard Dale North's "Town" theme on the PMM album? Holy crap is that song good.
  4. Not too many comments about this one. This is my favorite rendition of Gerudo Valley on this site. DJP rocks my face yet again.
  5. I agree with most of the other comments about the song. It kicks my ass in a way I don't quite understand and feel ashamed to admit to. What I find really clever though is the title of the song; it contains a word from each of the 3 titles of the original songs it's based on. I just think that's really neat.
  6. This is probably my favorite of Orkybash's remixes. It'd be between this and Geno's Woods, and I think I like this one more because he did more with the theme. I was amazed when I found it at Orky's site and he had said that he never submitted it because he didn't like it much. It's good to see that it's finally up at OCR. It took me a while to find it because of the name change. I think "Safety in Numbers" is clever though. The delayed (or whatever) piano makes me wet. Edit: I'm retarded.
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