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    Roland Cloud plugins (Juno-106, SRX Series), Plogue plugins (Chipsynth SFC, Chipsounds), Waves Element, AAS Lounge Lizard EP-4
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  1. Hahaha yes I really wanted this track to be extremely funky! So I'm glad to hear that it is. I like your point about the acoustic instruments, I think the track could've had a neat, different vibe if I had done that. Thanks for the kind words, I'm happy that you enjoyed the track! Thanks so much! Agreed haha, I love all the music in SaGa Frontier so much. Such a god tier soundtrack!
  2. Hello! I've been remixing game music for a long time but this is the first remix I've ever submitted to OC Remix. SaGa Frontier has one of my favorite game soundtracks, and "Booby Trap" is one of my favorite tracks in it. Just such a catchy and groovy song. The remix is already complete and submitted - I actually didn't know about this feedback forum until after I already submitted, heh. Regardless, I'd love to hear feedback about the track! Hope you like it!
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