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  1. This one's really good. I wasn't really expecting Super Metroid's Red Soil Area version of Brinstar to transition so well into OG Metroid's Brinstar, but here we are!
  2. Holy cow, I can't believe this one is finally on the front page. I've had it in my iTunes library since 2008, and I just thought it wasn't ever going to get posted, but sooooo glad that it is!
  3. Holy cow, the compo this song is from is almost six years old?? This was one of the stronger entries in the competition, and definitely glad to see it posted, but damn, I didn't think it was that old!
  4. My five year old stumbled on TerminalMontage's YouTube channel and I've gotten a lot more into it than my kids. How he skewers speedrunning is just hilarious.
  5. Nice, finally got one posted! I've been listening to the WIP posts and liking what I've been hearing. Keep them coming!
  6. Amazing work with that Banshee Boardwalk one taking something that was mostly ambiance and turning into this!
  7. Great remix! Love anything from SaGa Frontier, and even though this isn't one of my top choices from the soundtrack, it's still a really fun remix to listen to!
  8. The issue isn't whether the technology exists. It's that there's insufficient demand to warrant mass scale development and deployment of such a format. With streaming being the predominant option nowadays, there's little incentive for companies to adopt a successor format to Blu-Ray since they're unlikely to see much of a return on their investments.
  9. False. This one is sublime. Definitely one of the best ones ever posted on OCR. Glad to see MkVaffe still remixing VGM after all these years. Hope to hear more of this great stuff!
  10. damn, I was out of town all weekend and didn't realize I missed the voting deadline
  11. Thank you so much for picking this theme. I love all the NES Godzilla songs, and Saturn is right up there near the top spot (along with Jupiter and maybe Pluto). Excited to hear some remixes!!
  12. So many to choose from, but the one that I still listen to the most today is Super Mario RPG Window to the Stars.
  13. @PrievertThis has been in one of my regular playlists in one form or another for the past 19 1/2 years. The song is great.
  14. Gundam Wing Endless Duel is an amazing game with an amazing soundtrack that doesn't get nearly enough love because it wasn't officially released outside Japan. Excellent work with this remix!
  15. I really like this a lot. I don't have much technical experience, so I can't really give you feedback on that front, but I'll be watching the thread for when a download link is available EDIT: Looks like Timaeus replied already, and he always gives solid advice!
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