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  1. Thanks everyone! Using soundfonts and SNES super audio cart felt like a fun mix. Zoda's Revenge would be a challenge as I'd want to use pure SNES soundfonts only with a tracker. Though I need more practice, they are quite a pain to work with, especially for a whole soundtrack. Also, that is hilarious I didn't even think of how they would implement a mode 7 graphics (F-Zero style) in a SNES version of the game. Definitely would make some kids puke.
  2. Hey sorry I haven't logged on in ages, Thank you very much! and yes its on bandcamp which is the same as my profile name here, not sure if I'm allowed to link it (it is free to everyone).
  3. Hello, It's the 30th Anniversary of StarTropics!!! (Released in 1990) I thought this would be fun to remix the soundtrack and put something out there for fans of the game during this big year. Some of the remixes sound similar to the originals and others sound pretty out there. This was made with Super Nintendo soundfonts and Super Audio Cart as well some reverb, delay and other dynamics for listening purposes. I was inspired to make this after enthusiastic support from the StarTropics speedrunning community. Took me 4 months to make and hope you enjoy some of these remixes! Youtube
  4. Hey Native, great work! Love the mix. The guitar sounds excellent along with the synths on the left and right. I agree the strings could maybe be better, reminds me of a James bond riff. Also the bass could be louder and the drums are really good. The toms could be beefed up with a compressor and louder as well. Just my feedback and enjoyed this, hope to hear more
  5. https://soundcloud.com/andrethexlr8r/dangerwork-in-progress-snes-tropics-remix Hey islanders and mainlanders! I'm nearing completion of SNESTropics (A StarTropics Super Nintendo Remix Album). Set for release end of this month April or worst case early May. Currently working on mixes. Wondering if anyone has tips for this mix. Flatness, stereo spread, EQ, compression, etc. How far should I pan some of the instruments? My main approach usually is to have two different melody instruments voicing, panned 10L and 10R (Sometimes up to 30L and 30R) and then other instruments in the center. I'd a
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