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  1. Made a remix to Spring Yard Zone! Not sure if it's a hiphop or funky remix, or something else. Eitherway, would love your overall feedback on the song. What you enjoy, and what you'd recommend for modifications to make it better. https://youtu.be/DOxI9B8pq8
  2. Hey ya'll! I'd love your honest feedback on this -- things you like, and opportunities you feel for me. I'd like to get better
  3. Made a lofi remix to Quartz Quadrant from Sonic CD. I'd love your honest thoughts on the structure and mixing. And let me know if you enjoy!
  4. Here's a remix I made for Emerald Hill Zone. After hearing it in the trailer for Sonic 2 movie, I had to play with it. I'd love your overall honest feedback on the song, especially the mixing as that's what I'm working on improving!
  5. Thanks yo! I appreciate the feedback on what you enjoyed and what it could use more of. I agree on the ending, it could end smoother. Thanks for sharing how it specifically impacted you as that lets me know I need to close out songs smoothly in the future, especially if I'm going for the chill feel. Good thought on the bass, I'll relisten to it in different settings. I know I'm playing some of the lowest notes on a 5 string bass which will come across as quiet depending on the sound system so I may need to bump it up a bit extra. Thanks for commenting on the mixing, it's something I've been trying to improve on as its what I always get the most critical feedback on.
  6. Hello, just was curious if anyone had any general feedback to this song I made, especially in the mixing category.
  7. Hey everyone! Would love anyone who has a minute to provide feedback on this. I'm very open to feedback, loving or critical. No worries on hurting my feelings, I just want to get better. Here's the remix I created: I would love overall feedback, especially on the mixing/production (I'm working on improving at mixing so would love thoughts on this). Here's the original in comparison:
  8. This is beautifully written, thank you for taking the time to go to this level of depth. I'll definitely start using the checklist. I am new here, and I do create remixes -- I think I can grow better if I grow in critiquing as well, so thank you!
  9. I feel like the better I am with supporting others, the better I'll be with supporting myself as a musician. Outside of simply critiquing others more consistently now, what are some other sources or ways that I can quickly improve? Anything that's helped anyone here? I've been reading some of the critique reviews from the "Judges Decision" section, and I'd love to be at that kind of level. I love the attention to details.
  10. Something that's changed the game for me, when I do it, is completely changing up the drums or bass for a section. I find that it adds a breath of fresh air to things because when the harmony changes, it's like the ground underneath you completely changes.
  11. Hey everyone, this is my first post here! I made a remix to Sonic & Knuckles' Death Egg Zone. I am a bassist first, and keyboardist second. I really enjoyed playing the bass line to this song in a more funkified manner, and I was curious if I could funk-up the whole song. To be honest, I almost gave up on this project because I didn't feel I had the creativity to make it possible, then after playing around with new ideas I found a sound that I liked and kept it going from there. I REALLY want to grow as a videogame remixer, and I'd love any critical feedback that you can think of. If you have none, I'd value if you mentioned what you enjoy instead! Here is the original song for those who haven't heard it before: Here is my remix:
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