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  1. I thought of doing an Iggy's Reckin' Balls remix at some point. Also, interesting bit of trivia there.
  2. As a music person who listens by ear, I usually rely on that anyways. And thank you so much for the advice, everyone!
  3. Hey folks, while I'm slowly climbing back into not just art, but primarily music here, I have this problem with this large hurdle I've been meaning to cross. Recently, I wanted my music and remixes to sound less repetitive and/or cover-like, but I constantly keep falling into the trappings of these major flaws when it comes to composing. As I understand that it takes practice trying to avoid doing so, any further ideas of what to do in this kind of situation? Thanks in advance!
  4. I remember hearing his Dr. Mario remix a while back. It's really sad he passed away in 2016 though. My heart goes out to him and his family.
  5. The first Snowboard Kids remix sounds great and it's about time! Gotta love some metal remixes!
  6. Heck yeah, this is my kind of jam! I love the 90s retro feel, too!
  7. Despite the music being pretty loud, the following examples would be great as EDM: Title Race BGM 3 Race BGM 5 Race BGM 11 Ending & Options
  8. I loved the OST after watching a TAS video of this game!
  9. Would love to hear an aggressive electronic mix of this particular song.
  10. A new Axelay and/or Super R-Type remix sounds like a neat-o idea.
  11. I'm actually a sucker for underrated games. In fact, I had some thoughts/ideas for a few remixes, such as either 'Night Highway', 'Grass Valley', etc.
  12. This reminded me of that one dreadful day I was verbally lashed out by another person over a YouTube video I once uploaded a couple years or so. Never again. Aside from that, good discovery of such blatant copyright infringement. It's the kind of cookie-cutter BS that enrages the original sources.
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