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  1. Rapidkirby3k

    OCR03865 - Snowboard Kids "Avalanche"

    The first Snowboard Kids remix sounds great and it's about time! Gotta love some metal remixes!
  2. Heck yeah, this is my kind of jam! I love the 90s retro feel, too!
  3. Rapidkirby3k

    Power Drive (SEGA)

    Despite the music being pretty loud, the following examples would be great as EDM: Title Race BGM 3 Race BGM 5 Race BGM 11 Ending & Options
  4. Rapidkirby3k

    Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge - Pick any song!

    I loved the OST after watching a TAS video of this game!
  5. Rapidkirby3k

    What are the best Game Over screens?

    Here ya go.
  6. Rapidkirby3k

    Blockout - Title

    Would love to hear an aggressive electronic mix of this particular song.
  7. Rapidkirby3k

    Lack of SNES Space Shooters, Including...

    A new Axelay and/or Super R-Type remix sounds like a neat-o idea.
  8. Rapidkirby3k

    Snow board kids remix Request

    I'm actually a sucker for underrated games. In fact, I had some thoughts/ideas for a few remixes, such as either 'Night Highway', 'Grass Valley', etc.
  9. Rapidkirby3k

    The Most Brazen Copyright Infringement I've seen

    This reminded me of that one dreadful day I was verbally lashed out by another person over a YouTube video I once uploaded a couple years or so. Never again. Aside from that, good discovery of such blatant copyright infringement. It's the kind of cookie-cutter BS that enrages the original sources.
  10. Rapidkirby3k

    Rocket League

    I have this on PS4 and I love it. It's like soccer (or football depending where you're from) mixed with vehicles. It's addicting and fun!
  11. Rapidkirby3k

    OCR03245 - System Shock "Digital Horrors"

    Awesome as always, Sir_NutS! =D
  12. Rapidkirby3k

    OCR03227 - Freedom Planet "Intercept"

    I knew this was gonna happen! Very nice remix of Freedom Planet!
  13. Rapidkirby3k

    Searching for Sega Genesis Sounds

    I don't know if I'm allowed to mention this, but there's always The Sounds Resource. I found the Sonic SFX you're looking for there.
  14. In 2009, a friend online who I won't mention suggested that I should try using reFX Nexus. I became hooked on it ever since. Although I also use Native Instruments, I wish I could try Omnisphere 2...
  15. Goodness gracious, it's been a long time posting something new here. Anyway: Extreme-G - Nocturnal Hive (WIP #1) Been revising my dated 'Nocturnal' remix in Renoise since yesterday. Most of the XG mix is done, but as this is work-in-progress, I haven't got the lead, the sound effects, and/or other parts yet. Also, please let me know if you have any suggestions to help improve what I have so far. =) I hope you'll enjoy. Based on 'City 2: Urban Motorway' from Extreme-G (1997). SOURCE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFCg5g_YG9Q