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  1. Featured in a Toyota Corolla commercial from 2002 (or 2003)! 😎
  2. Upon discovering the Sega Genesis/Megadrive version of this game was finally logged for listening, and after listening to this particular version's OST quite often, it would be so awesome to hear an alternative rock remix of either 'The Metropolis Kid (Superboy)', 'The Last Son of Krypton (Eradicator)', 'Steel Reign (Steel)', and/or 'Boss Theme'. Preferably the latter, which is my favorite of the bunch. 😁
  3. Just like @Meteo Xavier, that really explains a whole lot! Thank you so much, @APZX! 😎
  4. After reading your post in its entirety. this helps perfectly, Meteo Xavier! 😁
  5. While I'm starting to get the hang of composing music and/or remixes thus far, I think I need some help learning how to properly tweak my mixing. At most times, it sounds pretty uneven or muddy with its panning, reverb, frequency, etc. But especially when I have too much reverb going on in the background. Anybody here have any advice on how to improve my mixing? Again, thanks in advance!
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