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  1. Thank ya darling. XD Again. XD

  2. See? Curly Brace = Terri.

  3. Love 4 lyfe Misery-sister.

  4. Holy cow it's been a year already :o

  5. Belatedly thank ya Gario. Much

  6. My pleasure dahlin'

  7. You gotta keep practicing at it! It's rough but you really do get better the more ya try.

  8. Aaaah see, I didn't look up any further info on the game or comments when I first played. The simple fact that she asks clued me in there were probably more options, but I wanted to see all the guns anyway, so I machine gunned my way to the first clear.

  9. Hehe, yeah, I totally messed that part up my first run through. Got the wrong jetpack and everything.

  10. I was so sad the first time I played through and I didn't know about all of that. ;_;

  11. How ya do Timber dahlin'?

  12. The pleasure is mine, crazy Warcraft 2 Goblin guy.

  13. Douliiii, stick that sig in the randomizer for me pleeeeeease.

  14. What GT said, but with tits.

  15. I have no idea why Gecko, but your profile pic keeps making me think you 'might be someone I knew' in WoW even though that is not logical.

  16. Happy Birthday Jade!

  17. Bahamut, I have stopped by to show you

    Talk to you later. ^_^

  18. ...ella your signature scares the hell out of me lol

  19. Hmmm, I dun think we had custom avatars around then... x_x

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