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  1. Yes...long have I waited for a Castlevania ReMix such as this one. It has a nice blend of minor chords as well as great variations on themes. The transitions between the songs are absolutley flawless and well worked out. The use of the saxophone is just marvelous. Also the use of vibes and organ are wonderful. Great job. Really.
  2. Wow This piece is...astounding. I couldnt think of a better word for it, than astounding. The absolutley flawless crescendos of the strings and the counter-melody French Horns as well as the wonderful clarinet solo add up to create a wonderous mixture of greatness. Big props to Dale North for creating such a great SO2 song. VERY highly reccomended.
  3. I dunno why but whenever I listen to this song, I have this compulsion to read, therefore allowing me to listen to this great song for a very long time. I find this song soothing, mind calming, and otherwise relaxing. A must for anyone who likes a slow, jazzy song.
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