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  1. Can this really be considered a song 80% of the time? I mean yes, there is parts with a melody, and those are great, but the rest is just banging it seems. Though with the main theme parts it is good, the rest isnt.
  2. There are 3 sets of words that came to my head when I first started to listening to this song. The first is "What the hell? " The second was "Insanity alert!" and the the third "Awesome! I love it!". Seriously though. I love the complete contradiction of everything about this song. Even if it is a little crazy...I almost never like songs like this. I especially love the ending....while I never personally died to Atma, I had to reset it a lot to get the damned ribbon. Lots of fun memories here. And a great laugh at the end.
  3. Well now I am a fan of the old Sonics since I was about 4, and Sonic 2 was my first game ever. Personally, I like Sonics music, even most people dont. This is a gret song, it is smooth and I had a great time remembering the melody. The only real bad thing about it is the fact that it is too melodic and too soft to be a boss fight song. I like it anyway though.
  4. I have said this many, many times in the past, but Xenogears, in my opinion has the best sountrack ever. At one point, a few years ago, this was my favorite song. Well not anymore, but now that I have heard this remix, my heart once again loves the touching melody. This one is also far better then the original. The background fits perfectly with the notes of the main meldoy. It ads a power to it, and it has more emotion then the original.
  5. This is a beautiful song. Truly. Far better then the original. I have tried to play it on the piano before, and it didnt come out nearly half this well. I would love to skate to this song, it has the perfect amount of emotion. Perfect score.
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