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  1. There's more after 4000? Not listed at Torrent Tracker - OC ReMix
  2. https://bt.ocremix.org/torrents/OC_ReMix_Collection_-_1_to_4000_[v20201028].torrent doesn't seem like it does... if 2020 is the latest, ReMix: Final Fantasy VIII "Wings of Freedom" - OC ReMix is from 2019, and there's others, so...?
  3. So, I keep running into this problem when playing a large number of remixes randomly... I constantly have to either lower the volume, because the music is too loud suddenly... or increase it, because the music is almost imperceptible... is there any way to solve this? VBR maybe? (Not sure if bit rate works like this, ignore me if not...) Of course, I still wouldn't want to sacrifice quality, regardless...
  4. I just cut the parts that make it seem most loopable, but asking them doesn't seem very viable, as I use lots, and no, this is more of a learning experience, nothing professional, only resource I'm using is time... But otherwise, music from here always seemed to be the most viable to use (apart from royalty-free generic music, but then I'd have no connection to them like I do with these being remixes from games played prior).
  5. Well, I'm not exactly SquareEnix... I doubt anyone will even play it. The other sections already mention this, but then I noticed C... music would really not work even in uncommercial games, due to the above reasons.
  6. I assume using them for a game is redistribution? It's just that some parts fit and some don't, often... and many are medleys, which means the tone changes, and often a narrative doesn't change as quickly. Also, music in games tends to repeat and not have fadeout endings.
  7. "If OverClocked ReMixes are being redistributed, they may not be modified in any way from the MP3 versions" ...I mean, really? Remixes can't be remixed? MP3s can't become OGGs? That 10 seconds of silence at the end absolutely needs to be retained and thus ruining what is otherwise interesting music?
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