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    Somewhere on a piece of rock screaming through space
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    Tinkering with technology (my own gear included), gaming (of course), enjoying fine and funky cocktails and spirits

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    After playing guitar for around 25 years (with much more to learn), I figured it was time to start producing my own material and videogames are something I used to escape some of the nasties of life
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    Music (obviously), retailing fine spirits (so I can eat)

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    Anything in Cubase (HALion, Prologue, etc)
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    Acoustic Guitar
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    Voice-over, synthesizer, backing vocals

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  1. You're in luck - I don't strictly listen only to metal and the like. Still, I feel good about submitting it for review (which is what I was hoping for in this post, but I'll probably just have to send the email, unless you know how to get the attention of a judge)
  2. I hear what you mean on things getting overshadowed, but there are places where it adds to the ambiance that way. I'm surprised, though, you didn't pick up on the main inspiration for the track - Disturbed. It was them and Johnny Atma that inspired me to do the remix (you should listen to his cover of a track from Strider/homage to Ozzy and Jake/Zakk/whomever). It was definitely a workout, but worth every second. Where's the one you did? I'd like to check it out
  3. I actually did 'Titanic Monarch' recently; check out my thread titled 'The Method of Madness'
  4. Much the same way as 'Lightning's Hand' by Kansas and 'Those Who Fight Further' from FFVII. I could try my hand at it, but I don't think I'm enough of an elite player for it
  5. My first ever VGM remix! Took a few of my favorite things - Sonic the Hedgehog, heavy guitars, and influences from my favorite artists - threw them in a blender, and this is what happened Listen and let me know what you think!
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