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Found 8 results

  1. I'd love to see a remix of: Press Garden Zone (either act but especially 2) Titanic Monarch Zone, especially act 1 Stardust Speedway Zone Act 1 Lava Reef Zone Act 1 Flying Battery Zone Act 2 A Sonic 1/2/Knuckles/4-style "credits montage" of all the zones
  2. ok I know this is kinda barebones at the moment(no plugin mixing applied yet), but I was hoping for maybe a little guidance (just a little). I love the source, but the loop isn't really that long and I am trying to figure out ways to flesh this out to at least the 3 or 4 minute range without it being too repetitive. Here is the source and here is my version, which is a bit faster with a higher octave range
  3. Sup guys! So I did a vocal remix to "Wildstyle Pistolero" from Sonic Mania. I gotta say this is definitely one of my favorites. Real smooth jazzy hip hop! Hope you like and have some Knuckles references in this. BTW...that DJ sound is all my voice
  4. Sup guys! So I did a vocal remix to the Sonic Mania Intro! If the intro had lyrics this would be it! Enjoy! Original song is called “Friends” by Hyper Potions, and the lyrics are fitting! Hope yall like this one!
  5. Sup guys! So I did a vocal remix of the newly released "Hard-Boiled Heavies" track from Sonic Mania! So far getting a lot of good reviews of it being catchy! Hope yall enjoy!
  6. Back again with vocal remixes! So Sonic Mania is coming out this year, so I decided to do a vocal remix on "Mirage Saloon", one of the stages in the game. Can't wait! I also did a "Studiopolis" freestyle if you wanna check it out!
  7. Wassup guys! So I did a freestyle over Studiopolis from Sonic Mania! The original track was done by Tee Lopes. Loved it so much decided to add lyrics to it. Hope you enjoy! I have more video game remixes on my YouTube if anyone is interested.
  8. Wassup guys! So I did a club remix to the invincibility theme from Sonic Mania! This has Sonic vocals in it! Jam on and enjoy!! Ill attach the original and my version MY VERSION: ORIGINAL:
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