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  1. Wow, this shot straight up into the top three or so favorite songs from this site... I couldn't get enough of this game, and this Remix is.. well.. much the same way. Kickass.
  2. Damn, this song gets better and better the more I listen to it. I didn't realize it untill I felt the need to hear a song that I couldn't quite place.. like having a song stuck in your head but you're missing a couple notes... After I realized this was it, I kept finding myself coming back to it, and it's always just... kickass. If I had to complain, it's a slight complaint that the faster part of the song somewhat detracts from this song's ability to reside on a "while-I-sleep" playlist. I'll be keeping an eye out for more.
  3. From what I can pluck out of this kickass mix, there's at least 5 levels incorporated. Here's what I can pull out: Starts off with Bloodfalls (Map 25), Dead Simple (Map 07) appears soon, then the middles too complex to pluck anything out without a lot of repeats. Near the end you hear The Waste Tunnels (Map 05)and The Pit (map 09), and the final notes after the slow down are from Barrels o' Fun (Map 23). What's right/wrong Mazedude?
  4. While the original song (and this one, really) brings back memories of a cautious search through the City of Ancients, listening to this song reminds me where that wary caution came from. The ominous undertones, somehow telling the player that timet is running out, can be heard in this remix much like in the original, and you can't help but feel your pulse quicken as this song carries on. If I had to put for a complaint, it's the lack of overall variation. However, since the original song lacked large shifts, I can't blame the remixer for it. Keep 'em comin', Mazedude!
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