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  1. Here is are 2 of the pages I have found in my search: (1st removed, we don't support them) http://www.mirsoft.info/gmb/ (The first one has track names for Guardian Legend). While you're updating the tags, I think it might be a good idea to include the original track names somewhere in there (I've been using the "subtitle" space for that myself). Also, for "original artist" I like to put in the name of the publisher rather than the system the game was released for. In the case of Street Fighter 2, for example, I think "Capcom" makes more sense for original artist than "Arcade". But that's just
  2. Hey, I've been downloading music from this site for ages, but haven't really ever been able to contribute much, as I lack any kind of musical talent whatsoever. However, I noticed that as I was going through my MP3s that some of them don't have the original source song, or are missing the name of the original composer. Now, in some really old games you've only got one track, or the composer may be completely unfindable (according to the spell check, that's a not a word.) However, the internet being what it is (i.e. a series of tubes) I have been able to track down names for some of the songs a
  3. Samus: "Does this suit make me look fat?" XD
  4. Hmm, so Pac Man was really the first survival horror game! And actually, I think this track would work really well for a game in that genre -- there is a definite sense of "build" to it all the way up to 4:18, where it stops without actually resolving. Creates a lot of tension. Yeah, good music for a survival horror game.
  5. There is a CD called "Sign" that was put out by Nobukazu Takemura, who did a lot of 8-bit NES music back in the day. I don't have the CD myself, but there is one track on it (it comes with a CD movie music video) that has some of the same vocoded lyrics and synthy instruments arranged in a similar bouncy and nostalgic fashion. This composition instantly reminded me of it quite a bit, although I definitely like "Incredible Singing Robot" better. I know that this is just a remix, and not an original composition, but I would still say that Star has got some pretty strong kung fu.
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