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  1. This one should've been in Smash Bros. Melee. Its awesome.
  2. Best Metroid Remix I've heard yet. Samus Strut is an appropriate title. This and the dark Super Mario World remix are my favourite from this artist, and he's one of the best at OCR, IMO.
  3. Great! I love this remix. I haven't seen Dune, nor played REZ, but the entire thing feels random, and randomness rules! I don't get why everyone seems to be putting it down, its one of my favourite songs from OCR, and that's really weird considering I haven't viewed the material this was inspired by. "Through sound and motion, you will be able to paralyze nerves, shatter bones, set fires, suffocate an enemy, or burst his organs." that line is awesome. and of course: The Sleeper has awakened! Not to mention the music keeps me tapping my toes the entire way through. More to the rhythm than the beat though.
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