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  1. First off, I would like to say great work However, can we get a link to the original (not re-encoded) version? I would just like to see how much of a difference there are; there's some parts that sound a bit more staticky, not sure if it's intentional. It's not to the point of grating, but I was just wondering if it was due to the samples used or the encoding.
  2. Wow. Great work - I just can't stop listening to this song! I remember getting your original version of this song, and it didn't make as deep of an impression on me back then, but hey, only further proof that this mix is different enough to be called its own.
  3. At first that was one of my chief complaints about this song, but after listening to it a few times, I think it definitely adds something different. I've listened to 7 years broken for quite a while before I stumbled upon this one, so this had a lot to live up to. Still, give it a few more listens, you might end up liking it
  4. Am I the only one who can't turn music into lyrics? I think all the non-vocal techno has eroded the speech-parsing parts of my brain Lyrics to this would be greatly appreciated! S G X somethin somethin somethin... blah
  5. I really like the way it alternates between the relative calm and the bass beats that come and go A wonderful take on the theme, constantly in a state of flux that really grabs and holds the listener's attention. Great job on this one
  6. I'm seeding both now, not sure if I can keep it running on this computer though. It's already dangerously low on ram. Windows takes like 120 megs for some reason. I might transfer the 4 gigs to my upstairs server computer and seed from there sometime.
  7. Very nice I dunno what else to say... it's just plain good!
  8. Yes, I too love the intro. The "you sure you want me to turn it on?" cracks me up every time. Whoever wrote that script deserves an emmy
  9. omfg I loved this game, got so addicted to it with a friend, 2 player mode 0wn1j!... and you turned it into a wonderful piano remix I hope more people see the light and start remixing this game!
  10. Mmm... in any case, it's a teriffic piece of work
  11. Wow... a moment of silence please... I'm meditating... this music just makes you want to think and reflect... really tranquil and peaceful... can't stop using elipsis'es... it's that good... wow...... even when it feels almost silent, there is great accompaniment and a very solemn fade out sequence to each segment... and then the main theme comes back in full I love the intro btw, and it ends in the same way, as inconspicuously as it started wow... back to meditating
  12. Haha, I know this sounds crazy, but I just downloaded this song today and heard it once or twice. So I'm in the shower, and I just can't get the tune out of my head! So here I am, 30 minutes later after figuring out which of the 85 remixes in my collection it is, and register on these boards to say, "wow, that is some teriffic work! keep it up " wow, that is some ter... I spoiled it didn't I? Hehe, keep up the great work, and keep me up 'til 1 AM
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