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  1. bLiNd have my babies, Nayru's Hymn is EVERYTHING right now.
  2. Going to download the track leads to a 404, is this a filename issue or is the song not being pointed to correctly?
  3. Fucking wow. Absolutely ace mix, this, and nailed the general feel I got whenever I heard the song in any of the (I dunno how many) times I played through the game.
  4. Simply fantastic arrange, this. I love the way the melodies surprise you with they way they blend together. Who cares about sample quality when the arrangment is this amazing?
  5. Gotta say that this is an enjoyable album (moreso than some of the other recent album releases from you guys), but I have one bitch: Monkey Merengue is not a fucking arrange of the song. It's a great tune. It really is, but it feels more "inspired by" the track than an actual arrangement of it. As such, it has no place on an arrange album. Maybe I'm nuts. I mean, it's clearly related to the original, but neither the melody nor a semblance of the actual chord progression in the tune appear throughout its length. It's more of an original tune inspired by the Bonus Intro than an arrange of said song. It's like if I called the metal intro riff that I have running around in my head that's an amalgam of the individual band sounds of Mercenary and The Diablo Swing Orchestra, and that vaguely resembles one of the colossus fight tunes from Shadow of the Colossus an arrange. It's not. It's inspired by, or derived from, but it's not an arrange. Still. Enjoyable album, which is saying something since I'm not the hugest fan of the originals (still prefer the DKC3 ost), and I love the last tune with all of the Rare guys putting in. Fantastic. And again: Monkey Merengue is a REALLY good song. It really is. Quality-wise, sound-wise, it's great. It's just not an arrange.
  6. OK, so I know I don't post much at all, but I do listen, and I've started making mixtapes which are distributed through b00mb0x, a not-for-profit website. Is it deemed acceptable use if the only modification is in the format of crossfading for mixing purposes?
  7. Yes, it's another person who registered just to comment on this . . . Now . . . while I absolutely love the remix (gotta love the 80's stuff), there's one thing in my mind that's keeping it from being better in my book. The. Vocals. They're just . . . . slightly . . . flat. I mean . . . they're off pitch and don't fit in the song . . . it HURTS. But the music is great. And it could be worse. It could be singing pretzel. But . . . ouch. It's flat. I'm sorry. 6/10
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