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  1. This is truly one of the coolest remixes! I had only listened to the first 5 seconds and I already knew it was going to be an awesome song. I love the trancey feel mixed with great instrumental work. Great work Disco Dan! Bytheway, Disco Dan, can I ask was software and samples you used to make it. I know it doesn't matter that much but for a newb like me its nice to see what software produces such fine works of art.
  2. WOW! I really like this mix. Its flowing elegence soothes my wracked nerves. Definitely on my playlist.
  3. Definitely a very creative mix. The music has a very realistic 80's effect and the the lyrics are quite good. Unfortunately I can't see myself listening to this song very much. It's mostly because lyrics have to be integrated really well into a song for me to enjoy it. But I have to give props to Star for such a creative remix. I really like the ending too.
  4. Absolutely beautiful! I love piano solos and this one gives me the chills because its so good! I've actually never heard the original but this piece could easily stand on its own. Excellent!
  5. I love the ambience! Very immersing and very enjoyable. I can't get enough of AmIEvil's ambient songs. He needs to be making movie soundtracks or something.
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