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  1. I'm pretty sure they meant Bush. He called Cheney by name. Rummy and Condi were there as well.
  2. Yeah, I guess it was really only Bush in look and not feel. But, it did remind me of an old SNL skit that was very similar. Reagan was the president and he was, well typical, stupid Reagan..........until just the important people where left in the room (cabinet, top military brass, etc.). Then, Reagan turned into a hard-nosed, smart tactician. He would then switch back if anybody else came into the room. Played pretty well by Phil Hartman.
  3. That's exactly what it was. Even better was Donald Rumsfeld and his sinister/funny line about money. "Beautiful money, bwahahahahaha!"
  4. I like how the antagonist doesn't say a word and hardly shows any emotion at all. Yet, we all know somebody like him, don't we?
  5. Just a little test. It's all over now.
  6. Not here. In fact, this was the first movie in looooooong time where I didn't hear a single cell phone go off or I didn't have to shush somebody. Or throw something at somebody for not being quiet.
  7. Giygas from Earthbound, just because of the seizure that you get when you play and beat him.
  8. yea, but this thread isn't a boss. No one is trying to defeat it or destroy it. This is a pretty good thread and I'm glad it's still around. Kick Ass!
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