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  1. I concur with this statement.
  2. I buy bunches, but never get a chance to use them. I'm on vibrate most of the time. In the past, I've bought everything from the Inspector Gadget theme to the Notre Damn fight song. Right now, I think I have a bunch of Mario, Zelda, and Tetris tunes. Along with the A-Team theme, Indiana Jones theme, and the Back to the Future theme.
  3. Oh, goddamnit. This asshole is going to be in the U.S. now? Fucking wonderful.
  4. Yeah, it was. One of the few Tim Allen movies I like and just another reason why Sigourney Weaver rocks sci-fi like no other woman.
  5. Agreed. The same goes with Date Movie, Epic Movie, etc. Listen to RealFolkBlues, everybody; Mel Brooks rules all.
  6. Television - Marquee Moon Van Halen - Van Halen Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here I kinda took from three different books there, but the Lamb Dies Down On Broadway by Genesis mentioned above is always a great selection and quite possibly the best one so far in this thread.
  7. I know, it's like Condemned all over again.
  8. Any of Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt novels sounds just about right here. Same hero but different stand-alone stories. A fun and easy read.
  9. To help celebrate vB here in GD (and because nobody has posted it yet), here's Saddam's final moments on a crappy cell phone video. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7532034279766935521 I would make a thread, but I don't think the quality warrants a thread. Enjoy.
  10. Nothing wrong with that. Yep. I made sure of this before I was born.
  11. I just finished reading this great article in USA Today about James and how influential he was in many genres. He may not have been the nicest guy, but he was an important man in the evolution of music. Even outside of music, he did great work with the Black Power movement and helping to quiet riots. Also, I want to get his last album, which was put out in '02. That way I would have the beginning and end of The Hardest Working Man In Show Business.
  12. Man, getting free stuff is such a chore! Tell me about it. I got round three at my brother's house tomorrow as well. And my birthday is in Feb. which is just around the corner. Tis a good season for me.
  13. The best quote I've heard in a long time. What? FINE
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