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  1. I *love* this. Something interesting is always happening... and it just feels so "full"... great 5/5
  2. When it went from the cool orchestral intro into the techno-ish drums I got worried that it wouldn't be as good as I thought... but everything was blended perfectly. 5/5
  3. does the first minute of this remind anyone else of Pure Imagination ?
  4. Sooo.... how long until this ends up on Kazaa as "Rammstein - Doom theme (real).mp3"
  5. I like this a lot. 4/5 The cymbals seem off to me during the first minute... but I guess that was intentional? Whatever, it's still good.
  6. I'm not that familiar with DKC2, but that theme that is done early in the song reminds me of a song from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  7. I was never a fan of these games, so I don't recognize the song. Usually it's hard for me to get into a remix if I'm unfamiliar with the original, but I like this a lot.
  8. It's about time! I like this track... It seems like there's a lot of original stuff mixed in that wasn't part of the theme, but I definitley recognize the theme in there.
  9. As soon as this tarted I was like "Awesome... SURF!" It definitely has a very good surf-like sound that we don't hear on OCR too often. I wish it was longer, with a little more variation..... but oh well. It still rocks.
  10. I like this one a lot...... but yes it does remind me of the theme from Terminator also.
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