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  1. :Crowd is quiet for a moment.....a small sniff is heard from the audience as a slow clap begins. This clap grows into an uproarous standing ovation: Take a bow man! That was truly awsome.
  2. This is a very well put together mix. <more latter, im in class right now> OK. I'm back. Well I liked the mix because of the song he chose to remix. I mean, victory themes are hard to remix because they are so short (with the exeption of FFX-2, of which I'd like to hear a remix of, but that's beside the point). Aluminum really made it sound good without making it obscenely long. Good Job. Although you realy don't need the opinion of a non-mixer like me.
  3. You guys may not win any awards for the best voice , but the lyrics were prety cool and so was the overall music. Good job.
  4. This ReMix is badass! I can't say anything relly negitive about this. Im gradeing tests right now and I havnt been on in a long while, and the first thing I see since i was gone was this. So i was like, "Its SMRPG, so it better be good, or heads will roll." It far ecedes my expectaitions. Thank you for making my grading papers a less boring job. -Zaku II
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