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  1. The only thing I can say about this mix is, Asprin. By the time you're finished listening to it, you'll need it. Not the supid small jar, but the wholesale factory incredibly oversized container. You can't help but bang your head to this track! Dance, you know you want to
  2. Dis song be off da heezey fo' sheezy yo! Umm now that that's over and done with. I really liked this song. Loved the scratching, nice touch! Never actually played the game, but this was one awesome set although it was a bit on the short side, but I don't mind replaying it over and over again. Love the ghetto-style feel, almost makes me want to break out my turntables and booty dance for the rest of the night. Hmm.. Not a bad idea.
  3. Gee, another hit from McVaffe that's new. (note sarcasm) Haven't played Street Fighter 3, but the soundtrack was just absoluttely delicious. Namely Ken/Alex's stage, Akuma's, Ibuki, and Elena. They would make for excellent remixes also... (hint hint) Overall I loved this track!
  4. Loving McVaffe, seems everything he puts out is total hotness. Remixing Vega's uptempo groove into a slow R&B blazer is total genius. Seems as though you're feeling it, not just hearing. Almost sounds something you can make love to, or do some serious meditation. Guess it wouldn't hurt to try either..
  5. As weird as it sounds, I actually remember playing this game back on the NES, loved it, expecially that one song that I still can't get out of my head. Nice to know someone can remix it and make it better than the first, it has a really soft mellow groove. Awesome! Keep it up!
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