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  1. That was beautiful! I actually....cried. I don't know why but this one got me right here.
  2. As a flute player...I just want to say the jazz flute solo in the middle just KICKS!
  3. So this is YOUR song?! Wow....you're famous man. I have friends who sing these lyrics constantly. You created a legend in itself right here.
  4. [MUSICALPURIST]Oh God...this song is utter crap. The music is unoriginal and the lyrics are awful.[/MUSICALPURIST] Ok now I'm done being the musical purist and I can just be me. This has to be the funniest Zelda song I have ever heard since "Link Came to Town." I was cracking up the entire time! *listens to it again*
  5. Lol! I like this one! I can see why it would make one think of the "Chicken Dance." It's cute. And different too! It's not hard and heavy. It's light and fun.
  6. Oooooo Don't be too hard on yourself, man. Saria's Song has to be one of the toughest ones to work with since it's so cheezy sounding. I don't think you did a bad job at all as far as quality is concerned. Very few would dare step into the lost woods and make something using this song out of pure fear. I applaud your bravery in this undertaking.
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