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  1. Given it a quick remaster so there's more mid in the EQ.
  2. http://www.hooplanet.co.uk/distantj/music/DistantJ%20-%20A%20Reason.mp3
  3. A suggestion - don't sing the whole song at once, split it up, record parts and then put them together in your final. That way you don't run out of breath.
  4. This reminds me of some of the stuff I used to do when I was just starting out. I like it though. Contact me on AIM and I can help you out with some stuff. DistantJUK is my handle. Or distantj@gmail.com if you prefer to use MSN.
  5. You should get somebody to do vocals for you if you're worried about it, cause there's nothing more unprofessional than using a synth lead in place of vocals. Besides I quite like your voice, lol, reminds me of that fella from Monty Python! Just needs a bit of pitch training, I'm convinced you could pull it off with practise. The "take-on-me" backing vocals should be reverberated and maybe some echoes and stuff and I think they need their levels sorting a bit. If I was to cover an A-Ha song, though, personally I'd pick "The Sun Always Shines on TV"
  6. Heh, thanks. I found it was better without percussion, it seems so tacked on whenever I put percussion in it.
  7. Omg yeah that was cool. What a great movie! Thanks for the comments so far!
  8. Every synth musician has to attempt their own Doctor Who theme at some point! That classic innovative theme which used synths (and bits of tape manually stuck together) before people even knew what a synth was, and scared people just because it sounded so odd to them, you just gotta have a go at making your own take on that awesomely mysterious theme song! As much as I love the dramatic half symphonic half synth version in the new show, I thought I'd have a go at a really mysterious one. So why don't you guys have a listen and see what you think! http://www.hooplanet.co.uk/distantj/music/Doctor%20Why.mp3
  9. Awesome to hear Ellywu doing Pendulum style Drum n Bass Keep on being awesome, man.
  10. You into synthpop? Wanna do a cover with me?
  11. In case you didn't work it out from my Cryptic Marble remix, I love ethnic stuff. And I loved this. Really excellent remix. Unusual decision to make the ice theme into something eastern, but it works and it sounds brilliant. I particularly love the keychange right at the end.
  12. http://download.yousendit.com/727EBDAF6BBCA45F Have fun
  13. I am doing both. Each time I update it I update the original post too, smartass. Pay more attention.
  14. The Wii game looks like it's going to be pretty badass, though.
  15. Update: http://download.yousendit.com/AB2F32385494D68A Extras added (sounds and stuff) to keep you involved, bass and kick thickened a little with some low frequencies boosted slightly, slightly shorter and less repetitive, some more drum effects, the song is now slowed down from 140bpm to a sexy 133bpm.
  16. Well I didn't use the "actual" sound of the bass. I created a similiar, but higher quality one with a minimoog.
  17. Update: http://download.yousendit.com/31E141551E394E1C Drums altered for the middle section, an extra kick added to the end of each 4th bar, the lead is fleshed out to sound more powerful and less high pitched and tinny. General equalisation improved. I'm thinking of adding some sound effects from the game to keep things interesting, though nothing overly cheesy like ring collection and jump sounds.
  18. I think you actually posted while I was updating, lol so there's an updated version, now. Thanks for the drum advice, though. I'll have a bit of a play around with some drums in the middle section.
  19. Update: http://download.yousendit.com/0C2700936230CE8D What you're probably hearing as the "bass" is actually the retro style bass-synth-thing which isn't actually providing the bass for the song. If you turn the bass up on your system you'll hear some in there which you didn't notice before, since there's a sub-bass underneath it on the offbeat, which provides the song with a real kick, but it's subtle when you listen for the actual instruments. Play it next to a bunch of professional dance music and you'll notice the bass levels are about the same. I'll probably add an extra kick on the 4th bar (you mean bar, not beat) later on, it is something I usually do, but I've been using pre-rendered drums rather than separate samples recently to help with the audio quality, so I've not added that in yet.
  20. It's been remixed to death. I don't give a damn. Needs a buildup/intro. I always do that bit last for some reason. http://download.yousendit.com/AB2F32385494D68A (Updated 3/2/06 20:11 GMT)
  21. I like it. Though I wouldn't say it'd get into OC, I'd listen to it, and I definitely think you should put it on VGMix when it's back. I love how it features some of the original MegaDrive synth sounds.
  22. Somebody knows his trance. I mean it's very simple and it wouldn't get into OC remix, but this guy definitely knows his house music, the bass and arpeggios are all just right, doesn't seem to have the cheese of a lot of trance VGmixes.
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