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  1. Mr. Pretzel, whatever anyone tells you, don't EVER let them tell you you can't sing! O.o I wish I were this good...You sounded like George Michael in the Lunar song you did, and I dug that, but in this, you've got a slightly American (the band) sound, a la "The Last Unicorn." The techno backbeat really fits the tempo and doesn't wreck the mood...which, in MHO, is all it takes to make a song. I'm just getting into Xenogears remixes, and this is one of my faves so far.
  2. But it is clear that this isn't something he just pulled out of his hat to impress us all. He spent time, effort, and energy composing this, because he sincerely believes in what the ReMixers are doing. My hat's off to you, Mr. Soule. Not just for the amazing music (which is by FAR the biggest incentive yet for me to go buy the FF Anthology so I can play 6), but for the message sent, that you believe in the Mixers and respect them as much as they respect and admire you. Thank you.
  3. I love this ReMix. It's got exactly the mood I can envision a summoner going through when he or she summons a Final Aeon. That said, I also have some more to add. One of my favorite deleted remixes from this site, "OpenItUp" (a Chrono Cross "Scars of Time" remix), was accused of stealing the original track and looping a drumbeat over it. (Which they did, but that's not the point.) This does the complete opposite of "OpenItUp"; takes a sample from the original, and puts it into a song before improvising like crazy around it. I think this is brilliant work, top-notch quality, and very original; I love the segue from classical to rock accompaniment around 1'58" or so.
  4. Having just started FFX, I've discovered a deep affinity for its understated but heart-pulling music. Russel captures the feeling of the original song beautifully in this, and does it wonderful justice. Great job!
  5. I like this...the wind effect sounds nice throughout the mix, but the overkill of crash cymbals is a bit much. Having just started playing FFX (I just got Lulu, Yuna, and Kimahri), I can really relate to this music already.
  6. Hey, I think this took guts. I don't know the original song, but I like the quality of DJP's voice here. It coulda been recorded with a little better quality, I grant you, but the singing itself actually rawks. He sounds like a mellower version of George Michael (and that's a compliment!), and I think the effect fits the song.
  7. I think I've almost learned all the lyrics...O_O I NEVER do that. (OK, almost never...never before with a remix, for sure!) Geez, right when you think you're about to kick the habit, you click the "download" button again... It's official. I'm addicted to "TheIncredibleSingingRobot!" O_O Must hear MORE!
  8. A good, fast-paced techno-pop piece that manages to be nostalgic in a very upbeat and happy way. Listen to this when you're depressed, and I promise you you'll put the wrist-slitters back.
  9. Neat segues between Schala and the CT theme...the slow, dreamlike quality of the mix kind of draws you in and pulls you along. The mix is actually of pretty average length, but it seems short because of the pace of the song. Problem is, because it seems so short, you're kind of left out of the loop when it ends.
  10. I love dance mixes. I love Chrono Cross. This number puts the two together nicely, and originally (unlike certain other remixes of this song, however good in quality, which shall remain nameless...). But it's too short! That's always been my complaint about this song and its mixes.
  11. *Waves around a Star-Groupie flag* Congratulations on having the 'Mix get here. I said everything back in the WIP forum, but I'll jsut add that this is listen #20 for me. I like it that much. Rawk on, Star, and as long as you turn out mixes like this, you can have any kind of ego you bloody want!
  12. ... Right when I think I'm over my FF addiction, something gorgeous like this comes up...and I fall in love with it all over again. This is beautiful! I love the quasi-choral effect around 02:36 or so...even if I don't know the song. (I've only played from FF7 on up ) Everything here is absolutely sensational...*sniff* Me SO likey.
  13. This is, again, exactly what I was going to say. This song is one of my most frequent downloads from this site. CC's theme + Schala + Crono = one baaaaad mix. Seamlessly done, I love the instrumentation, EVERYTHING ROCKS!
  14. God...what can you say... Songs like this always get to me. I've never even played Wild Arms, but this is just...gorgeous stuff. The orchestration, the strings...I'd expect to hear this on a big blockbuster movie or a pivotal anime episode, that's how well-done it is. I think the ending leaves a lot of room for interpretation, so I'm not gonna say anything about it. But the rest...my God. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. Kudos to both of you. Jaxx, I didn't even know your stuff, but you are already missed.
  15. Me likey. I don't pay much attention to fighting games' soundtracks...too busy trying to kick the other kid's butt...but I like this song. Nice and upbeat, if a little repetitive, and it's got a good heroic feel to it, like Guile himself.
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