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  1. Geez. I miss this place... I even remember your avatar, NNY. Of course, if you're ever in town again... I certainly won't be there unless it's for next year's KoLCon (which, hopefully, it will be), as it was a 6 hour drive. Unless of course, as I said before, "in town" is LA, which would be awesome. Oh, and by the way, you should totally all play KoL. If you try it and think it might be interesting, I will happily send you some meat (the currency). Cause yeah - about the time I stopped paying that much attention to OCR other than my rss of new music, I got pulled into the KoL community instead. I was there for Con - The OneUps were just the icing on the cake. But some pretty phenomenally tasty icing, as it were (and sorry if I annoyed you by constantly calling you The Minibosses, by the way; my mind was apparently stuck in a year ago. ;))

    I look forward to the pictures!

    P.S. No, Con was definitely not just for 21-and-overs... though this venue was way better about that than last year's, incidentally. Last year's wasn't, either, but if you were over 21 you had, like, chairs and things. Now I wish I still paid attention to these forums, so I could've told everyone that before, so they didn't gripe in the direction of KoL for things that weren't true. There was one event Sunday evening that was drinking-age-only, but that was it.

    P.P.S. Have I mentioned yet that you should go play KoL? And kmail me (neminem) if you do? Cause you should.

    I just signed up. Screen name's Detective Stupid. MAKE ME GAME ADMINISTRATOR.

  2. You know, all of this talk about the Dreamcast's birthday and the supposedly better Sonic game got me thinking:

    Shitty Sonic games are Sega's way of getting back at gamers for abandoning the Dreamcast.

    Man, that was just market forces at work. They released it at a really weird time, and there just wasn't enough marketing for it. Hell, in Japan, Segata Sanshiro is the sole reason Saturn didn't fall into the same fate as it did here.

  3. The cycle begins again. We're now in the cautionary optimistic phase. Sega may be off base with the whole speed idea, but if it works, it works. Maybe this will be a proper reboot/reinvention? Tomorrow is the Dreamcast's tenth anniversary, it seems appropriate.

  4. It might not have been Mickey who screwed him out of stardome, however, he's obscure and was completely overshadowed by Mickey Mouse. What else would he need to motivate him for revenge? Given Warren Specter's love for the Disney history, I can really see this happening. Who else could they do? Pete? Malificent? All that shit's been done (and beaten like a dead horse) in Kingdom Hearts.

  5. So that comes out to.... slightly under $.99 per minute....

    This isn't really the kind of thing you can get at Wal Mart. Or any music shop for that matter. The price definitely is worth it if you're a fan of Miles Davis and chiptunes.

    About the first post :There's one thing I still don't understand.. Is the music going to be done? Or is it already done?

    From my understanding, I don't know if the music is done, however, the album will be coming out early August, and if you do the $5 donation, you get an early download of it before it becomes a free release. $30 gets you the physical disc.

  6. I don't want this question to sound rude, but I have no other way to word it: How much music does $30 buy me here? how long are the tracks?

    So What - 9:22

    Freddie Freeloader - 9:46

    Blue In Green - 5:37

    All Blues - 9:26

    Those are how long the original songs are. If these are straight covers, I'm sure they'll be the same length.

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