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  1. Okay, cool. I was just making sure I wasn't missing anything.
  2. What is the official website for the track? I haven't found a link to it anywhere. You gave us a link to the forums, but what about the actual music site?
  3. It's been a long time since one of the songs here on OCR was awesome enough to give me a boner. 10 (inches)/ 10
  4. Two words: HELL YEAH! This is far better than the other cool spot mix the put up. 11/10
  5. This is by far the best remix of the CT theme I've ever heard. Somehow, you've managed to make a song that's been remixed a million times unique. 11/10
  6. I love this mix, it's nice and cold. It really captures the snowfall. It's been awhile since a good chill mix has been posted. This is a welcome change for all the hardcore mixes that have been posted in recent times. That being said, this song feels like its missing something. I can't place it, but it feels like there is one more little thing that could make this song perfect. 9.5/10
  7. I can't say I respect his ability to choose user names, but I can respect Chumble's ability to make music. I can't find anything wrong with this mix. 10/10
  8. Once again, NoppZ take a song I didn't liek from a game I didn't like and makes it awesome. 9/10
  9. It's been awhile since I've heard from Star, but I love his work. He is notorious for taking a crappy videogame song and turning it into something beautiful. His Ducktales remix is a perfect example of this. This new piece does not deviate from the trend. He took a song I hated and remixed it into one of the most beautiful remixes I've ever heard. I rarely say this about male artists, but his voice was mesmerizing. 10/10
  10. Every once in awhile, you get find an artist who knows they are making a good song they design it to be loop-friendly. What I mean by that is you can repeat the song over and over it is sounds like it is just one long song. This is one of those songs. Excellent work. 11/10
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