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  1. Very enjoyable, i used to play Golden Axe quite abit on the old MegaDrive but unfortunately i sold the game like a dumbass. I remember riding the giant lizards, the skeletons rising from the cobbled ground and the endless amount of magic that Flare had! This brings back memories and very pleasant one's. Good drumbeat all the way through, not too keen on the intro however. The techno introduction along with the similar GA soundtrack with drumbeat its pretty neat. I like the point at about 1:35 and at the end where it sounds like a giant gong - very nice touch.
  2. I wouldn't say this bites but its not a mix i often listen to. The 2-3 second intro and 2 sec ending are the onlt redeeming features i personally gather from this. The sad thing is it does sound midi-ish unfortunately and the constant drum is too repetative. The ending is pretty neat though.
  3. I had this ReMix early on but its only now that ive got round to listening to it! Good things come to thos who wait is the saying and this is definately an example of how that can be justified. First off the intro sounded to bloody familiar but from then on this is a techno mix with that added quality. Synths used to perfection. The variation in using a techno genre is done well, enough to make me put "theme" on repeat. Ive always like the W&W's theme, the notes always remind me of a medieval atmosphere and this track for me still retains that atmospheric style blended with the excellent, even addictive techno fluidity. Oh and err.. kool trance-style lyrics i guess, they're pretty neat Great job Bazooie
  4. This is 4'11'' of pure quality. I dig everything the transitions from Wily's theme to Flash Man's has been pulled off superbly to carry this techno track flowing smoothly. Excellent arrangement and comp, this is a class act of how to mix duel themes to create something special. I love hittin' the volume up a few thousand notches when i listen to this!
  5. Nice intro. The actual bass isnt to bad.. infact its quite nice and the trance/jazz effect that has been blended successfully in this ReMix is quite impressive. Good drum, even a neat vocal sample in there! Smart stuff i like this, thanks Gecko.
  6. This is short, sweet and very catchy. Kind of reminds me of a night out walking along a street full of trendy bars and bright neon lights i like jazz and as this goes its not a bad li'l mix. Good stuff!
  7. Ahhh my favourite theme from SoR enhanced by the ever reliable G.Yamori. Gecko this is yet another fine piece of ReMixing. Love the bass, the beat, the groovy 80's style intro but the piano leading up to the beautiful violin has my full compliments. Solid, sound work from Gecko.
  8. This is damn good stuff. Im yet another person who has never played the Killing Game Show but this kind of music makes me think 'what am i missing'. The depth and detail of this piece is incredible. Some might start to think its just daft punk/techno but i like to see what the reality is and this is one of the most creative pieces ive heard. The different layer's of sound is what i like. As well as with "PrimeTime", this piece has superb vocal samples. The opening and ending is outstanding and the way the various features of the piece fit in is good. Top stuff mutagene. I urge anyone and everyone to download this now.
  9. 'We got a hot one for you' this mix is awesome as a techno track, a shame it is to small. I also like DDR and i have to say this is very much like it. The beginning is like an adreneline rush with the slow countdown then once the vocals have kicked in the song takes up a fast techno tempo. The vocal samples i dig completely and the pace of the track is spot on. I disagree with Saunders i think the vocals at 1:00 are brilliant, i love the vocals - 'What time is it?... Its time for The Kiling Game Show!", they are the best vocal samples ive heard on OCR and they give PrimeTime a break of speed in the track which i think is important in one as small as this though speeds up immediatly to add intensity to the beat all the way to the end. This is great i only wish it were longer. Recommended for techno fans
  10. Gray Lightning has been one of the most underrated mixer's for a long time and im glad to see from the reviews in this thread that he's getting alot of recognition. I love this mix, my favourite so far. Great atmospheric ambience and structure. The use of "Eastern" instrumental soundings is extremely credible. The build up from opening till the ending is done proffesional and workman-like. The thing i like about GL is he makes his ReMix's sound so serious, proffessional and they all have a certain aura about them. This is a ReMix that everyone should download, it has so much to it. People may not like ambience but this is a beautiful piece of ReMixing. Great stuff GL
  11. Well this is one ofthe most addictive OCR's ive heard. Its very.. different in a good way, the japanese vocals suddenly up the volume and it slightly put me off when i first heard it. I feel it now as more of a buzz, this is great music for a club it's so adrenaline rushed. Great bassline and top vocals throughout. Extremely creative coupled with the actuality that it does work to good effect as you can see by the positive feedback DJ C. has recieved in the past. This may not be a new OCR but is very individualistic and creative enough for me to say that its one of my faves.
  12. Niiiiiiice work, like most of GL's pieces ive heard he takes pride in being able to show his mixes of what i believe is "Dark Star". As i come to expect from GL, this piece combines ambience with a gentle atmospheric feeling which lets the listener drift away and relax. This is not good for anyone who dislikes ambience though im sure people with an open mind would be content. Personally i like it, not his best work for what it is but a solid piece of ambience. Good work.. expect to see more from GL.
  13. My first reaction after hearing this for the first time was that it wasn't as good as i expected. However, i realised that although it wasn't what i expected it was a very nice piece and i got more nand more into this ReMix. I like the rythm, the jazzyness, the groove. Everything about this has a good vibe to it. I do agree w/other's that the sax could have been used more adventurously but overall a great ReMix and one that i have been waiting patiently for. Top work Neostorm.
  14. This is good stuff, very good. Quality showing throughout. Like the opening, very spooky though the transition was very nicely done and the percussion involved is totally awesome, perhaps not just the variety but the timing of everything for me was perfectly correct. I don't think ive heard many ReMix's as good'a quality overall than this and although this is not my fave ReMix or my fave DKC ReMix this is excellent and Peeples has shown that he can really produce a mix worthy of being one of the very best in OCR and that is how much i appreciate this ReMix.
  15. Well to be honest i didn't like this when i first heard it so i thought i wodn't bother with a review but now im kinda gettin' into it. Okay truth be told im not a big fan of this song and Wintermute has done some quality ReMix's better than this but the opening minute is breathtaking. Love the voice samples, nothing special ut very catchy plus they don't play down the actual music. Once the song reaches 1:00 however everything seems to get too repetative for me, maybe i would appreciate it if id played DKC3 more than once.
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