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  1. Well, if this is a gay remix, then I'm glad to be homosexual, because this is great. I will agree that the first minute or so seems pretty dull, but once the actual remix kicked in, I couldn't stop listening to it. I don't know if I'd necessarily classify it as trance, though...but it is really damn good. A bit long, maybe, and that boring first minute ruin it a little bit. But it appeals to my tastes. Gay remix, indeed. Pfft.
  2. It's undeniably nice and pleasant to listen to...but it never quite goes beyond that level. The guitar is undeniably sweet, but that's the only thing that really makes an impact whilst listening to the remix. I like it, though. The choice of instruments in particular are very becalming. Very zen. But this mix will probably be best remembered for the guitar section, which could very well be a bit of a shame. Oh well. ---
  3. Wow. I mean...wow. You've almost left me speechless with this remix, it's incredible. I was reminded almost instantly of Telepopmusik's song "Breathe", which is a good thing considering it's one of my all time favourites. The lyrics are from the game itself, and are so euphoric, and the remix itself makes it feel complete. I can easily see this in the music charts, it's amazing. Kudos. You've made a lasting impression.
  4. I love the variation on this track, it's an eclectic mix of instruments (and styles to a certain extent), and yet it meshes together so well. I think the length is just about right, although it does seem to end rather abruptly though, which is a shame. It's still fantastic though, I really enjoyed it. Yay.
  5. Wow, the song actually sounds like it's having fun. It's just so happy-go-lucky. The flute sounds a bit out of place to me though, I never really pictured the flute being used in this context, and it just didn't click right away. But it's good enough to overcome that easily. I'll definitely listen to it again.
  6. Perhaps one of the most relaxing, mellow remixes I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. It all just flows together so naturally, almost perfectly. But there's always been one thing that's bugged me about it, and that's the feeling I've heard it somewhere before...and considering I haven't actually played the game in question, it struck me as rather odd. But then it suddenly occured to me as I was listening to this on a whim. The backbeat which begins at the 0:22 mark and continues throughout the song sounds almost identical to the backing track of t.A.T.u's song "30 Minutes." Which is no bad thing, honestly, just a wacky coincidence.
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